Useful Tips for Students Applying for an MBA in Canada

Image by University of Salford, Flickr

Image by University of Salford, Flickr

An MBA degree is considered to be the ultimate ticket to success. It is a highly coveted qualification in the realm of business management and can give your career a major boost. However, pursuing an MBA isn’t as easy as some students think it to be. The following article will offer advice to students who are researching admission to MBA colleges in Canada. The given tips will help you join a respectable business school and productively utilize your time spent there.

A management program in Canada can offer a plethora of opportunities, boost your earning potential and help expand your network. It also increases your employability across the globe. Those students who wish to study management courses in Canada and succeed in life can seek guidance from the following tips.

Chalk Out a Plan and Set Career Goals

An MBA aspirant must begin his/her professional journey by deciding where to go. Young professionals who are seeking to build a strong career or who wish to change their career path can opt for an MBA. But before you make up your mind, it is better that you define your long-term as well as short-term career goals. You should first decide where you want to be in the future and consider the different kinds of jobs and industries where you can seek employment after completing your course. Knowing what you want will help you prepare better and ultimately strengthen your applications.

While targeting business schools, you must ensure that the companies you wish to work for will come to the select colleges for campus recruitment. If they don’t, it is wiser to reconsider your choice. It is a drawback to study in a college where your dream company does not visit for recruitment. Most business schools judge your application based on the following criteria – 70 per cent and above in graduation, GMAT scores, TOEFL, group discussions and personal interviews. A candidate must also have relevant work experience.

Take a Quantitative Course

There are certain aspirants who may not have quantitative knowledge due to a non-commerce background. Such applicants can put in extra efforts by taking up additional coursework. You can take additional classes for finance, calculus and statistics. It does not matter where you take these classes; you may take them online or join a community college. If you have a particular management institute in mind, you can check the course subjects with them and seek recommendation so that you are prepared for the quantitative tryst of the MBA program.

Socialize to Build Long-Term Networks

Interestingly, most MBAs reveal that the network they developed at their business schools are the most valuable and fruitful. You should begin building associations right at the beginning of your program. It is even better if you start doing so while applying for management colleges. Many MBA institutes conduct networking events to allow potential candidates to interact with school representatives. You can move on from collecting the basic information and interact with the guests present. View it as an opportunity for connecting with the MBA community that you shall be joining for life. Most of these relations will go beyond the admissions procedure and classroom bonding and will eventually help you in the long run when you are looking for new jobs.

Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

As you come across other MBA candidates hailing from business backgrounds, you may begin to second-guess your caliber. When you meet an applicant from a commerce background (like a BBA), it is evident that they will know more as they have already studied the same concepts for their graduation. However, what you need to do is stop thinking and focus on your own strengths, skills and attributes. Tell yourself that you will be an asset to the MBA community and are meant to excel in this field. All management institutes in Canada receive applications by people from different walks of life, but that only makes them distinct and special because MBA colleges encourage diversity.

Like you, there will be several more candidates who are striving to get into a reputed Canadian business school. Do not fear competition or lose hope. If you think business management is your calling in life, begin to feel more confident and aware. Only then will you be able to prove yourself and further impress the admission panel at later stages of admission.

This article was contributed by Devika Arora.

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