How To Keep Your Fashion Temperature High, Even When The Weather Is Low


Image by Maegan, Flickr

Image by …love Maegan, Flickr

If there’s one thing for sure in today’s world, it’s that we can never quite be sure what the weather is going to do next. Much of North America has taken a battering recently with wild storms and buckets of rain, and Canadians know only too well the difficulties that low temperatures can bring. And of course, this can present problems for the fashion-conscious.

Thankfully though, a few wise wardrobe choices will allow you to swing between the seasons perfectly. It may be dull and drab at the moment, but summer is most definitely on the horizon. When you know the weather is going to be this erratic, it is safe to keep your summer skirts and shorts on hold from the hibernation tank for the time being.
You can do this because just a slight turn of the fashion dial is all it takes to keep your summer look intact. For instance, if you enjoy donning the hot pants style, all you need to do is slide into a pair of black leggings or tights first before pulling on those shorts and you’re away, safe in the knowledge that if the weather dips suddenly you won’t be blighted with goosebumps.

The same applies to summer dresses. You can team your favourite dresses with some appropriately-toned leggings or tights without diminishing the effect of your dress one little bit. In fact, it can sometimes add to the overall look and give you a pop-chic appearance. Again, the addition of leggings/tights will give you a little protection during climate change, particularly when the sun does dip beyond the horizon and the temperature plummets drastically.

For added warmth, you can always turn to light cardigans and thin jackets to cover up, which again will not only make wearing summer dresses feasible, but will give you an extra style zip along the way.

Lastly, never underestimate the “preppy” look when seeking to prolong the life of your summer wardrobe. The long-sleeve layer under short-sleeve top is still a good look for the ladies, another little trick that is a sure-fire winner.

This article was contributed by guest author Mitch W.

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