Tim Horton’s Hacks for the Canadian Student

Image by Calgary Reviews, Flickr

Image by Calgary Reviews, Flickr

Tim Horton’s was recently acquired by Burger King. Although Tim Horton’s is already perfect, in its low cost and high calorie glory, the new owner may contribute some good things. To honour the Tim Horton’s menu that any Canadian student knows as their study snack go-to, and their dinner at the end of semester when their bank account is running dry, here are some how-to-hacks.

Healthy crispy chicken alternative:

Ask for a whole wheat bagel instead of a Kaiser bun, and hold the mayonnaise. Now the only unhealthy part of your sandwich is the “crispy” part of the chicken.

Bagel sandwiches:

Ask for additional vegetables in your bagel – tomato, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. You can also season your bagel sandwich with salt or pepper.

Buttery croissant:

Ask for your croissant to be heated with a pat of butter or slice of Swiss cheese on top.

Warm confection:

Pretty simple, just ask for your doughnut, Swiss roll, cookie, or muffin to be warmed up. This is especially effective with a glazed confection, such as the sour cream doughnut.

Chocolate Iced Capp:

Ask for chocolate milk instead of white milk to be used in your iced cappuccino for a chocolate-coffee swirl.

Cheap Mochaccino:

Ask for a half of your coffee to be hot chocolate to make your own mochaccino. This is cheaper than ordering the mochaccino straight off the menu.

Mixed tea flavours:

For ten cents, you can buy an extra tea bag and create a delicious new tea flavour. Green tea and peppermint, Earl Grey and apple cinnamon, chai tea and blueberry white, etc.


Ask for a cup of plain hot water, and supply your own instant noodles. The hot water may not always be free.

Chocolate whipped cream:

Apply to anything. You’re welcome.