Make Memories at the Maddy

The Madison Ave. Pub, Toronto

The Madison Ave. Pub, Toronto

The Madison Ave. Pub, also known as “The Maddy,” is a Victorian mansion in the heart of The Annex in downtown Toronto – and it surpassed my expectations. Although it looks small from the outside, it is quite spacious inside. The food and drinks were delectable and reasonably priced. What most impressed me was the attentiveness of the servers – it was like they were reading our minds.

The Madison Ave. Pub is a cozy place to spend a Friday night. The beige walls and red booths give it a vintage feel. The narrowness of the building gives a unique aura to the whole pub experience. Besides drinking, a good game of billiards can be enjoyed at the Maddy.

Normally, expected fare at a bar consists of fast food. Though the Maddy does satisfy your craving for junk food, it also offers gourmet meals. Just some of these include butternut fusilli, grilled chicken bruschetta and calamari. When I was there, I had the most delicious red velvet cake I’ve ever tasted. I’ve ordered red velvet cake from bakeries since, but it hasn’t been the same.

I was quite pleased with the Maddy’s prices – it is a great place for students. My friends and I were able to whet our palates without breaking the bank. As a bonus, the Maddy offers grilled cheese, burgers, quesadillas, wings and pints at $3 each on the first Tuesday of every month in honour of their 30th anniversary. There are also live musicians and a contest to win a car on those evenings.

My friends and I were a bit confused by the service – we didn’t know if the servers would come to us or vice versa. After approaching a waiter in the bar area though, he became very helpful all night. He never abandoned us for too long, and when a friend showed up later on, he brought us a chair without us asking.

After a crazy night filled with laughter, cheer and bonding, I would give the Maddy an 8/10. Although I enjoyed myself, I initially had to go looking for the server, which I found strange. The layout of the pub, though unique, was unappealing to me. Despite this, I would still recommend the Maddy to a friend. Each room provides a different vibe with different music, and you never know what you’ll find around the corner. It is a thrilling place to be.

The Maddy is located at:
14 Madison Avenue
Toronto, ON
For more information, visit their website.

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