How to Succeed in the Workplace

Image by Phil Whitehouse, Flickr

Image by Phil Whitehouse, Flickr

A new workplace can seem intimidating for some people. Fitting in, getting a good performance review, maintaining a good reputation – the pressure to be the perfect employee can be overwhelming. On top of that, one has to ensure he or she doesn’t inspire any client complaints or get into trouble for minor things like not following dress code and breaking unwritten rules. It can be difficult to stay in your boss’ good books. That may be why it’s called “work” – no pun intended.

There are a few things you can do to be regarded as a good employee. They require discipline and forward thinking, but they are not too hard to pull off. Just keep your goal of being an exceptional employee in mind. Here are some tips on how to wow your boss:

  • Avoid mistakes. Listen carefully to what your superiors tell you, write it down when necessary, leave post-it notes for yourself and follow schedules. It may be handy to keep a wall or pocket calendar to organize yourself. Keeping a “to-do” list also helps.
  • Review policies and guidelines regularly. Whenever possible, take a look at company policies and procedures. Keeping yourself up-to-date and aware of company policies will prevent you from getting in trouble. It may seem easy to avoid corrective action, however, company rules are usually more complex than you would think. When you first begin work, it is important to ask a coworker what the unwritten rules are – if any – so you don’t land in hot water.
  • Ensure you get along with your coworkers. It’s important to mingle with your colleagues. It is an absolute must to attend company events. If you don’t, you risk looking shy or antisocial. Most importantly, don’t instigate conflict. Keep your relationships professional, even though some people may be difficult.
  • Don’t talk about inappropriate things. Avoid bringing up things that are too personal at the lunch table. You don’t want to be regarded as overly emotional. Avoid inappropriate topics and swearing. No matter how close you get with someone at work, you never want to share details that are too personal.
  • Read or watch the news. News is a regular topic of discussion in most workplaces. You are expected to stay informed of current events. Employers look for cultured, up-to-date workers when hiring.

It is hard to impress a boss, but with discipline and forward thinking, you can accomplish it. Simply remember to get along with your colleagues, read policies and guidelines regularly, avoid mistakes, pay attention to the news and avoid inappropriate topics. When you follow these precautions, you are on the way to success at work.

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