Considering Getting A Master’s? Five Ways It Can Make You A Better Job Candidate

Image by USAJFKSWCS on Flickr

Image by USAJFKSWCS on Flickr

At a time when fresh questions about the value of a bachelor’s degree seem to come up daily, master’s degrees are growing more attractive. If you’re on the fence about going further in education, consider these ways a master’s degree can make you a more attractive job candidate.

It Shows You’re Committed to Excellence

Only about 10 percent of people in the United States hold a master’s degree in any field. Most professionals simply do not make the commitment to achieve one. Stepping into that category shows you have tenacity and a focus on growth that many others do not have.

It Signals You Have “Fresh” Skills

Master’s degrees don’t typically take as long to complete as bachelor’s degrees. In fact, many of these advanced degrees can be completed in about two years. Once you graduate, you will be able to bank on your cutting-edge view of your field as a compelling reason to hire you.

It Means You Won’t Switch Fields

If you get a master’s degree in the field you’re already practicing in, it shows you are not planning to change direction any time soon. For example, enrolling in a LL.M. program online shows that you are dedicated to the field of law. This tells potential employers you are low-risk, so they can invest more in training you and incorporating your skills into a team on the long term.

It Gives You Valuable Specialization

Master’s degrees tend to be highly specialized, giving you the knowledge you need to fill an important niche. For example, cyber-security is an increasingly indispensable niche skill in IT, but a truly deep view of the field requires a master’s degree. No matter the industry, these specialized roles tend to be vital and difficult to fill. That could make you a hot commodity.

It Creates a Leadership Trajectory

Candidates who have the potential to train and lead others are more attractive than those whose perspective is narrow. By obtaining a master’s degree, you not only gain skills and knowledge as a solo contributor, but also cultivate the perspective to enlighten others on your area of expertise.

Getting a master’s degree is one of the most powerful ways to upgrade your skills in a tough economy. Master’s degree graduates are eligible for some of the best jobs and easily find themselves on the preferred list when a master’s degree is not a strict requirement.

This article was contributed by guest author Anita Ginsburg.

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