Making Tablet Viewing Easier with Tablift

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By Pabak Sarkar on Flickr

The Tablift Tablet Stand is a unique product from Nbryte that is designed to help consumers get the most out of their tablets. The tablet stand is designed to help people use their tablets while in spots that may cause neck pain or be hard to use. Ideally, the stand would be used while on a sofa or bed where using the tablet by itself may be uncomfortable.

The design of the tablet stand is quite simple and is incredibly easy to learn. The bendable legs allow the position to be adjusted to the type of surfaces and level you wish to hold the tablet at. The stand is accompanied by three slots which allow you to place the tablet in the preferred viewing position. A clip attached to an extendable cord holds the the tablet in place in one of the three slots. The size of stand may seem quite large at times but its adjustability allows it to be used it very small spaces. In most instances, the tablet stand made using my tablet much easier and placed less strain on my neck.

While the tablet stand is propped up, use of your tablet is noticeably easier. Putting pressure on the tablet by typing does not shift the position of the stand and the base points of the legs stay in their original positions. The stand is also exceptionally good when having to do other tasks like cooking or eating. It positions the tablet optimally and is very useful for people who have a busy schedule. Dropping the tablet is also taken out of the equation when using the tablet stand, which is another bonus (especially for particularly clumsy people).

The Tablift Tablet Stand is a great product for any tablet user. While not everyone may need a stand, regular tablet users may see an enhancement in their experience with one. At just under $60, the stand may seem a bit pricy but the improvement it adds to one’s tablet experience is noticeable at first use.

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  • $59.95
  • Leg stability and malleability
  • Ease of use
  • Can be transformed to fit most surfaces
  • Three positions for viewing with clip for stability
  • Benefits for neck and back pain

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