Noontec Zoro HD Review

Image by Stanley Young, Flickr

Image by Stanley Young, Flickr

The Noontec Zoro HD headphones are stylish headphones that deliver with great sound quality for a great price. Going Between $50-$80 on Amazon, these headphones are perfect for the casual listener who wishes to upgrade their basic headphones.

The build of the Zoro HD is fairly standard as headphones go. As an on-ear headphone, these one’s are very light and potentially prone to breaking if not taken care of properly.The frame itself is fairly durable, but users should wary as it bends easily and should be treated harshly. On the ear, these headphones are fairly comfortable with upper part putting more pressure on the ear then the bottom. Wearing glasses with the headphone are an issue as it will put a lot of pressure on the upper ear holding the glasses. As such, I couldn’t wear these headphones with glasses for longer than a couple minutes before my ears became very irritated.

Long use of the headphones do cause a bit of pain as well because of the pressure, but it does block out a good amount of noise from the environment. For working out these headphones work very well, blocking out a decent amount of noise while also having great sound quality.

The sound quality of the Zoro HD is the main attraction that has kept me using the headphones despite some comfort issues. Not too bass heavy, I found the sound to be incredibly balanced and clear. The headphones will satisfy almost any user, unless they crave that deep bass other headphones might offer. Listening to a bass heavy track such as The Weeknd’s “King of the Fall” sounded incredible, with the all around balance of the sound standing out. An older track like ELO’s “Fire on High” had a just as incredible sound quality where the sound balance stood out even more. The Zoro HD’s can be used to listen to a wide variety of genres and provide quality sound that users will thoroughly enjoy.

While the Zoro HD has comfort issues for long term and glasses use, the sound quality is unmatched at the price range it sits in. Commuters, gym rats and casual users will certainly enjoy this headphones if they are upgrading from a basic pair. Those who wish to purchase a great pair of headphones should look no further as the Zoro HD provide sound quality on oar with headphones double it’s price.


  • Sound Quality
  • Great Price
  • Lightweight
  • Small


  • Not for glasses wearers
  • Comfort issues for long use
  • Not too durable