A Guide to Frosh Week

Image by Jirka Matousek, Flickr

Image by , Flickr

With many schools beginning frosh this week, things are about to get crazy. School spirit and booze will be flying, but as a second year, I’d like to offer you froshies some carefully considered and hard-learned advice about keeping your week fun, safe and educational.

1. Be friendly!

A lot of first years I meet always tell me the same thing – I didn’t make any friends during frosh week. And frosh, like anything, is bound by this rule: you get what you give. If you give all your effort trying to talk to people in your dorm or at a party, and really work on maintaining those friendships, you’re going to meet new people and have fun. A lot of people are shy, but trust me, if you see another shy person across the room, take a chance and talk to them! Frosh is all about making the most of your new environment. Not everyone will be receptive to you, but it’s always worth a try and most people appreciate the effort. I find that everyone has the same friendly spirit during frosh, so make the most of it.

2. Try to visit all the frosh events you can

As a commuter, trying to make friends during frosh was tough, but it becomes easier if you try to attend as many events as you can. Go to the club fair and homecoming. The more events you attend, the more you learn about your school and the more people you meet. It’s so important to take this time to get to know your school and feel the pride and connection the student body has. Get out there and try new things! That being said…

3. Don’t overdo it

I know many people who go out every single night and drink way too much for seven days straight. The reality is, you’re going to make yourself sick. And being sick for the first day of class doesn’t reflect very well on you to professors. If you’ve never drank before, pace yourself and make sure that you know what you can handle. And only drink with people that you know – and I mean people that you know WELL. Getting lost in a place you don’t know is dangerous and scary, especially if you are intoxicated. And NEVER EVER feel pressured to drink. You do whatever you are comfortable with. It’s your frosh and you can make it fun doing the things that you enjoy – alcohol not necessary.

4. Ask questions

You’re going to have tons of opportunities to connect with upper years and learn more about the campus and its programs during frosh. Definitely take the time to speak up and ask questions – about anything. Ask about clubs, bars, secret study spaces or who the good profs are on campus. Upper years at frosh events love to help out and are there for a reason, so take advantage of them! You could also make a new, older friend in the process, which can help you in the long run with study tips and old notes!

5. Take an off campus trip

Getting to know your new place is one of the key things to do during frosh, but that also means getting to know where your campus is and what the nearby cities are. Get to know the public transit, where the banks, grocery stores and shopping centers are, as well as if there are any off-campus libraries nearby – they make great study spaces during exam time. Your registrar office is also a great place to contact if you have questions about the area.

Happy Frosh!