Considering a Return to School? 6 Graduate Degrees to Look into

Image by John Walker, Flickr

Image by John Walker, Flickr

Acquiring a graduate degree is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition while job hunting or transitioning into upper management. For those that are unsure of which degrees will have the highest return on investment, here is a closer look at six of the best options that should prove lucrative in the coming years.


Both graduate and undergraduate degrees focusing on finances have proven to be some of the best investments that students can make when it comes to their education. These degrees are incredibly flexible and will allow graduates to move into practically any field imaginable, including the private sector and public sector.


Biostatistics is a relatively new field that blends statistical analysis with biological systems. A major branch of this field is medical biostatistics in which professionals collect, track, and analyze data streaming from hospitals, clinical studies, and government research.

Information Science and Systems

One of the fastest growing fields within the technology sector is big data. As companies continue to produce vast amounts of data, they require specialists that can safely store and secure this information on-site and in the cloud. These careers often start with a six figure salary and have some of the highest satisfaction ratings.

Behavior Analysis

For those that want to work directly with children and adults with behavioral disorders, a Behavior Analyst Certification remains the best option for expanding their career. A graduate degree is one of the last steps before receiving state certification to becoming a professional counselor.


Students that are unsure of which field they would like to enter into or want to improve their chances of being promoted at their current job should consider a Master of Business Administration. Over the past decade, this has been the single most popular graduate program with upwards of 250,000 new graduates every single year.

Computer Engineering

There is no doubt that computer engineers will continue to be some of the most sought after specialists in the next few decades. Engineers currently have the option of carrying out hands-on research within a lab setting or working directly for private companies and public organizations to develop custom hardware and software.

The salary may never be an employee’s sole reason for picking a career path, but these six options are an excellent blend of long-term job growth, satisfaction scores, and high median wages.

This article was contributed by guest author Rachelle Wilber.

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