Mark Zuckerberg explores Artificial Intelligence

Image by Robert Scoble, Flickr

Image by Robert Scoble, Flickr

When you think about artificial intelligence, chances are one of the first words that comes to mind is “robot”. We’ve seen plenty of movies that show computers becoming too smart for their own good and trying to take over the world. Dramatic? Of course. But is there some truth behind it? Sounds like Mark Zuckerberg is trying to find out. His newest venture is to explore artificial intelligence to create something to make his life more efficient – he compares it to Jarvis in Iron Man. While this would be interesting (and really cool), it makes me wonder what it would mean for the rest of us. You’ve seen the way technology has changed our lives in the past ten years – gone are the days of scribbling down notes with pen and paper in class; now we’re taking pictures of the slides with our phones or watching lectures online. So what if we each had our own Jarvis? Here’s what comes to mind:

  • Going to class would be a thing of the past. We could send our Jarvises of the world to take down the information for us.
  • Could we send them on our errands too? Use them as personal assistants? Goodbye grocery shopping!
  • Our (currently) high-tech phones might become obsolete – Jarvis could make our calls and send our messages for us. I wonder if we’d become more social?

Well, Zuck – we’re definitely looking forward to what you come up with here!

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