Roll Up Your TV Screen? Ok, LG, We’re In

Check out this video by The Verge at CES 2016.

Think about packing up to move in and out of your dorm. Think specifically about packing up your TV. Packing is probably the wrong word, because you don’t pack it. You carry it out on its own, wrapped in extra sheets or bubble wrap so that nothing else in your backseat accidentally bumps it and cracks the screen.

Now imagine if you could just roll up your TV screen, how much easier that would be. Sounds futuristic? Well, welcome to the future.

At CES this week, LG introduced its 18-inch flexible OLED screen, which they say can be rolled up as tight as a newspaper, or scrunched around. Convenient? Oh yes. But how? OLED (organic LED) lighting doesn’t require the backlighting regular TVs do. That means it can be made very thin, without that back panel – and yet still have that HD quality regular TVs do. 18 inches is pretty small for a screen, but don’t worry, LG’s goal is to transfer this technology to screens 55 inches and up.

LG is still working out some kinks, like dead pixels (empty black pixels that have been damaged – which has happened after playing with it a bit). These aren’t on the market yet – we’re just playing with prototypes, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of the future of our dorm rooms, isn’t it?

The Details:

  • Price: Don’t know yet. They’re still in the prototype stage.
  • Size: Likely starting at 55-in
  • Screen quality: Aiming for 4K
  • Thickness: Less than 1mm

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