Best Paying Jobs That Require a Bachelor’s or Less

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While a bachelor’s degree can open the doors to more lucrative jobs and employment opportunities, not having one doesn’t have to mean you’re never going to have a fulfilling life. Depending on your goals, certain positions require a degree and you may need to seek out proper training to get the job of your dreams. However, some positions don’t require a bachelor’s degree – here are a few options:

Web Development
You don’t have to have a degree to become a Web developer. If you can learn to use the right tools to create a good-looking and functional website, you can stand to make good money. According to Business Insider, there are 50,700 projected job openings for web developers between now and 2022.

Postal Worker
Postal workers make good money, and you don’t need more than a high school diploma to get hired. There is moderate on-the-job training involved, and it will keep you active and make you known within your community.

Gaming Managers
If you live in an area with casinos, you can get a job working on the ground floor and make your way up to gaming manager without anything more than a high school diploma. These jobs are more difficult to get, but it’s highly attainable for the person with the right attitude.

Nursing Programs
A nurse doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree to get started. Ameritch College of Healthcare notes that it’s possible to get a degree in nursing in less than two years. Finding a program with a good reputation is also important to help you land that first nursing job. If you want to increase your employability later, you can always get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree while you work.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists
If you have an associate degree, you can monitor the safety of patients and check images to make sure the MRI machines are taking high-quality images. These jobs are in fairly high demand, but there are also expected to be 11,300 openings through 2022.

Several other jobs exist that can help you get the type of income you need to live your life. Funeral service directors, power plant operators, nuclear technicians and retail jobs are all available to people without a degree. The important thing is to decide what you want out of your life, and then begin looking for the type of job that could help you meet those goals. If it means going back to school, that’s okay too.

This article was contributed by guest author Anica Oaks.

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