Writing a Perfect College Application Letter – A Simple Guide

Image by Unsplash, pixabay.com

Image by Unsplash, pixabay.com

The college application process is undoubtedly one of the most tiring and hectic processes a student has to go through. It requires lots of documents, including (and likely most importantly) – the application letter. This is where many students lose their edge and can’t figure out how to write something that will make them stand out in the competition. Here are some tips that can help you write a captivating letter and get you one step closer to admission into the college of your dreams!

Present Personal Information in a Formal Manner

A letter of application is your chance to present yourself in the best way. Consider it your opportunity to give a written interview where you can refine your words repeatedly to craft a perfect letter. Be sure to write personal information but keep it formal and don’t be overly descriptive; just keep it relevant. Examples include writing about what you have learned through your previous experiences, what you expect to learn from college and how it will benefit you. If you can, try writing how your college education will give you the capability to help others.

Don’t Lose the Professional Touch

No matter how much personal information you include in your letter, make sure you write it in the most professional manner. Losing the professional touch means you are just another student who can’t find the balance between being personal and professional.

Give Proper Attention to Structure

Structure is a very important element, not only in college essays, but in every writing piece including your application letter. Make an outline of the things you will include in the letter before you begin writing. This will help you stay on track and eventually compose a well-organized application. If you write in a haphazard way, it will leave a bad impression and your points may not be made clearly.

Avoid Writing a Generic Letter

As you know, there are hundreds and thousands of college applications for an admissions panel to go through. In this process, they find many generic letters with more or less the same stories. Try to compose a different story so that your letter captures their interest. Begin with a captivating story, add objectives and always end it with your future goals and plans. This shows that you know yourself well and you have a plan for your future.

Write something interesting that describes yourself and your hopes attached to the college you want to secure admission in. Tell them how you think this specific college degree can bring a positive change in not just your own life, but in the lives of others as well.

This article was contributed by guest author Carlton Herman.