How To Become a Successful Writer While Still in College

It may seem like a cliche, but most college kids are actually broke most of the time. Tuition costs and living expenses aren’t going anywhere, but if you’re going to school to be a writer, you’ll be happy to know that you can start making money now and build your portfolio before you have a degree in hand.

Freelance writing can be a great way to bring in funds while you’re still in school. Today we’ll look at some ways to balance your classes with your work and how to become a better writer in the process with an amazing infographic!

Being a Writer While You’re Still in College

While it may seem like you don’t have any time for work, you can find the time you need through careful planning and by choosing the right jobs to meet your needs. I’ve been writing for almost a decade now, and these are things I wished I knew back then. Here are three things you can do to start making money while you’re in college:

1. Get Experience First

You won’t be able to pick up a huge job right away, you’ll need experience. You can find plenty of opportunities on your campus, whether it be volunteer work, tutoring, or odd jobs around campus. Check to see if some of the local journalists need help with the school’s blog or newspaper.

2. Schedule Your Semester

As you schedule your classes, space things out so you know you’ll have time to pitch new ideas or pick up more work. Finding and earning work can take weeks in some cases, so you should keep your schedule flexible and open.

3. Choose Things You’re Passionate About

This may go without saying, but if you write about things you like or care about, it will flow a lot faster than trying to crank out an article on a subject you couldn’t care less about. Think about the difference between writing a story and writing a paper for class and you’ll see what I mean.

Building Your Writing Career (Infographic)

Take a look at this infographic and consider the various strategies and tools it has to offer. This information will help you find and obtain the writing jobs you want and deserve.

Image by Matt Banner

Image by Matt Banner

This article was contributed by guest author Matt Banner.

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