College and Careers: Different Idea Paths for Unique Students

Image by COD Newsroom, Flickr

Image by COD Newsroom, Flickr

While college is a natural step for many students after high school, it is also a time filled with uncertainty concerning a future career. If handled properly, the college experience can be one filled with exploration and discovery as to what passions a student truly possesses. Very often, many students find their way into careers they never dreamed of, simply due to taking a certain class or joining a campus organization. If you’re in search of some different paths that may prove to be unique, consider these options.

Yes, You Can be a Philosopher
Contrary to many popular opinions in today’s high-tech age, the world still needs plenty of people with critical thinking skills who can see situations from many different viewpoints. No college degree gives students these skills more so than philosophy, which can lead to numerous career paths. Some graduates wind up as CEOs of major corporations, while others join the Peace Corps and are off to see the world. Whichever path you choose, a philosophy degree can prove to be very beneficial.

An Unconventional MBA
While most people believe earning an MBA is a safe choice of degrees, it can also be made very unique along the way. For example, students who earn an MBA in information systems can take their training not just to Wall Street, but to many other areas as well. Due to the ever-increasing threats to national security, more and more law enforcement and government agencies are recruiting people with backgrounds in business and information technology to assist with intelligence analysis and much more. If you’ve dreamed of being a special agent or a spy for a specific organization, this degree path just might get you there.

The Worldwide Medical Degree
For students obtaining a medical degree, most career choices come down to working in a hospital or entering private practice. However, some students have very different ideas for their training. Some choose to travel the world to help the poor through such organizations as Doctors Without Borders, or use their training by moving to rural areas to assist those in need.

If you find yourself struggling with finding the ideal path to take while in college, consider these options and many others as well. While many people leave college with similar training and skills, it is those who march to the beat of a different drummer who eventually wind up changing the world for the better.

This article was contributed by guest author Rachelle Wilber.

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