Flexibility is Key in the Yoga Book

Image by Lenovo

Image by Lenovo

When you hear the word “yoga”, you probably think of flexibility, comfort, and relaxation. What you probably don’t think about is technology. However, Lenovo has fused the two and attempted to embody these feelings with their new tablet, the Yoga Book.

Their goal was to shake up the tablet category with innovative features that would combat the issues users were finding with other existing tablets. The biggest issue they chose to tackle was notebook-style writing. It just wasn’t feeling natural with other tablets. This one (which has some laptop-like features such as hinging and folding) boasts a flat, touch keyboard, on which you can type or write with its dual-purpose stylus. Speaking of the stylus – it works as a real pen with refillable ink as well.

What we love the most about this tablet is the “note-taking” feature (which can also be used for sketching out a quick idea for someone). Lenovo worked hard to get the screen brightness and anti-glare exactly right so it looks as close as possible to writing on a real notebook. They include a magnetic pad of paper that you can attach to the screen and write on with the stylus (pen version). Write on this pad and it shows up on the other screen, making it easy to see what you’re working on and instantly providing a digital copy of your work.

With a click of a button on your stylus, you can switch from handwriting mode to typing mode. Writing with the Wacom stylus is seamless and feels more like a real pen than others we’ve tried – and it really was an engineering feat to figure out the ink/digital combo.

This seems like a great option for students to bring to class, take notes on, and study with.

The Details

  • Laptop/tablet hybrid
  • Flat, touch screen with backlit keyboard
  • Magnetic notepad included
  • Wacom Real Pen stylus included
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro
  • Dimensions: 10.1″ x 0.38″ x 6.72″
  • Weight: Starting at 1.52 lbs
  • Colour: Black
  • Front and rear cameras (2MP and 8MP, respectively)
  • 360 degree hinge so it can fold in half both ways
  • Price: starting at $499US

Learn more at lenovo.com

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