Want to Serve Your Country? 4 Degrees to Help You Make a Difference

Image by Sean McAuliffe, unsplash.com

Image by Sean McAuliffe, unsplash.com

Most young people today want to change the world either single-handedly or have a hand in it – it’s one of the defining traits of millennials. There are any number of avenues to take on your quest to make the world a better place, so read on to discover the best degrees to help prepare you to serve your country and make a difference.

1. Environmental Science
The magnitude of environmental issues facing the United States and the world is staggering. Everything from environmental destruction and species extinction to the application of renewable energy solutions are real problems that need to be addressed. With an environmental studies degree, you will be equipped with knowledge of how the environment works and how it is affected by humans, so you can ask the right questions and come up with new technologies, approaches, and answers to some of the biggest problems plaguing the world today.

2. Social Work
While social workers don’t tend to affect earthshaking change on a national level, most people who go into social work do it because they want to help people, and make a difference one person at a time. Social workers not only need boundless compassion and patience, but also the knowledge of legal, political, and psychological aspects of their work, which a quality program will teach. The best programs will also afford students hands-on experience and request or require the completion of an internship so students can put knowledge gained to a practical use.

3. Political Science or Public Administration
Political science or public administration programs provide students with a solid foundation on which to begin a life of public service. In an online master’s of public administration program, for example, students are prepared to address public issues such as budgeting with increasingly smaller funds, leadership and crisis management, and dealing with a variety of special interest groups. Obtaining a graduate degree from an accredited university will further your education and strengthen your skills and experience, leaving you better equipped to take on the challenge of keeping our country running.

4. Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts majors are in the perfect position to pursue careers at non-profit organizations. A liberal arts education teaches students important well-rounded skills, such as writing, communication, diplomacy, and critical thinking. Writers and filmmakers expose issues to the general public that truly have the potential to make a lasting impact.

There are many different avenues of service, and creative students can make a difference in the world with just about any college degree. But the four listed above will give you a good start. Get out there and change the world!

This article was contributed by guest author Anica Oaks.

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