5 Degrees You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin, unsplash.com

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin, unsplash.com

Education is important. However, simply being an educated person is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Most popular careers are over saturated, which makes it hard to land a secure job in those fields. To truly succeed, you need to think outside the box and choose a career path that is in demand, yet not very common. It starts with having the right education. Here are some non-traditional degrees that you may be interested in exploring.

Decision Sciences
If you enjoy problem solving and making decisions, decision sciences may be a degree worth pursuing. In this degree program, you will learn the process of decision making, problem solving, analytical techniques and data analysis. This business-oriented degree will teach you how to help companies solve a variety of problems. It’s definitely a degree that would be useful – every business has problems and every business needs help solving them.

Soil Conservation
If you have a passion for the outdoors and you don’t mind getting dirty, a degree in soil conservation will allow you to get up close and personal with dirt. Subjects covered in this degree program include erosion, types of soil, organisms that live in soil and regional soils. With a degree like this, you will be able to help farmers and others in the agriculture industry learn how to keep nutrients in the soil as well as make the most of their water usage. Possible career paths available can be found in government agencies, private farming companies, and public health and environmental agencies.

Environmental Law Degree
If getting dirty is not your thing, but you still want to help the environment, perhaps an environmental law degree is your calling. With this degree you will study the laws, rules and regulations associated with keeping the Earth healthy. This is definitely a great way to do your part in taking care of the planet and standing up for what you believe in. If you love watching out for our planet this is a degree you will want to look into.

Technical Writing
If you have a gift of communication and the ability to understand complex ideas, consider getting a degree in technical writing. It’s not just about technology; you will study math, science and communication. Once you graduate, work positions will be available at all sorts of companies. More information about this career path can be found here.

Yacht Operations
If you love being on the sea and need a way to get paid for it, a degree in yacht operations may be right for you. You’ll get a hands on lesson on boat management and navigation. You can even specialize in sailing or speed boat management. With a degree like this you will be able to live out your days on the water – and get paid to do it.

While you may have to search a little more to find institutions that offer these unusual degrees, the payoff will be worth it when you’re in a unique career that you really enjoy!

This article was contributed by guest author Kara Masterson.