4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Paralegal Degree

Image by Claire Anderson, unsplash.com

Image by Claire Anderson, unsplash.com

If you’re seeking a new career in a field that is both rewarding and well-paying, you may want to ask yourself, “What is a paralegal degree for, and what kind of future can I get with one?” Being a paralegal can be a great career option that gets you started early, lets you continue your studies, and grants you entry into the field of law. Let’s look at four reasons why it makes sense to pursue a paralegal degree.

It Earns a Good Salary
As a paralegal, you have a chance to enter a profession where you can earn a good salary. Although pay depends on your experience, location and the kind of firm that employs you, the median pay for paralegals in 2015 was more than $48,000 per year or about $23 per hour. Experienced paralegals and those who work for large law firms can earn more than $70,000 per year.

It’s a Good Preparation for Law School
Law school is expensive and requires a great deal of time and study. Starting off as a paralegal gives you a good foundation in the subjects you’ll be studying in law school. This will give you an advantage over students with no background in law. As a paralegal, your income will make it easier to afford law school. Getting your paralegal degree is an excellent way to prepare for a career as a lawyer.

A Wide Choice of Degree Programs
There are now many different ways to earn a paralegal degree, and programs are offered by many colleges and universities. If you’re a busy professional, a good option is to earn your degree online. A master’s in paralegal studies online, for example, gives you more than enough qualifications to have a long and lucrative career. When studying for your degree, you can also choose whether to study part time or full time.

You Can Choose Your Work Environment
Paralegals, more than most professions, have a wide range of choices for employment. Law firms all over the country, both large and small, employ paralegals. You can also work for government agencies, banks, insurance companies and in the legal department of a corporation in almost any industry. Paralegals can even choose to be self-employed, which is good if you prefer to be a freelancer or work part time.

A paralegal degree makes it possible to pursue a new and rewarding career. Whether you study part or full time, online or offline, this is a career path worth considering if you have an interest in law. It’s best to research many paralegal degree programs and find one that matches your goals.

This article was contributed by guest author Anica Oaks.

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