Everything You Need for a Comfortable First Apartment

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Getting your first apartment is an exciting experience, but it can also be a little overwhelming. Most people think about the bigger things they need, like a couch, bedroom furniture, or a television. But many don’t stop to consider some of the other things that will make them feel happy and secure in their new place. Below is a list of four things you may want to consider before moving into your own place.

Kitchen Items
So you have the plates, the silverware, and the glasses. You may even have a few pots and pans and that’s a great start! But there may be a few things you will want to consider purchasing before you move in because it’s no fun not to have things when you need them. Some to consider would be a wine and bottle opener, hot pads, a can opener, and any other kitchen tools you think you might need. It may help to take a trip to the store and peruse the kitchen utensil aisle and pick up anything you didn’t consider when first making your lists.

Cleaning Supplies
If you’re moving into an apartment that was previously occupied, you probably want to get some cleaning supplies before you move in so you can give it a once-over before moving your things in. Things that are often forgotten are mops, dust pans, scrub brushes, and different cleaners for different purposes around the house.

Organizational Tools
It’s always great to get off on the right foot by organizing your first place from the beginning. Purchasing (or making) some easy organizational features such as shoe shelves, spice racks, and a mail center can help prevent your place from getting cluttered. Items such as a silverware drawer organizer are often forgotten but end up making a big difference.

Home Security and Rental Insurance
Moving into your own place after having lived with someone your whole life can be scary. It is also a big financial responsibility. You don’t want anything to happen to you or to your belongings, so it is a good idea to look into rental insurance, which can help replace your items in case of a loss. Without rental insurance, if there is a fire or other catastrophic event and your belongings are destroyed, you will most likely have to replace them on your own. If your safety is a concern to you, you might also want to look into getting an affordable home security system.

Moving on your own doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. With the right tools, you can make it an exciting and easy transition to life on your own.

This article was contributed by guest author Eileen O’Shanassy.

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