How the latest edu tech can help you get a tutor in seconds

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Tutoring is a widespread profession that spans through generations; however, it has nearly gone extinct now that technology has taken over the lead. With the advent of the internet, online tutoring is gaining momentum. The latest edu tech we now have available can help anyone get a competent tutor in seconds. Teaching a course online used to be difficult, but now, smart devices and fast internet make things a lot easier.

A lot of things have changed in the last 10 years. Technology has improved tremendously, and tutors can use lots of interactive whiteboards and even VOIP services (which allow you to speak online) to deliver high-quality online lessons. Incorporating online resources into a lesson can be extremely useful, and teachers can benefit from them to become excellent tutors. How can edu tech help you find the best tutor? Read on to find out more:

The internet
The internet can be an excellent place to look for a tutor. There are lots of websites where parents and students can find the best candidate for their needs. for example, is a well-thought platform with tutors on a wealth of subjects, from Math and Physics all the way to English Literature and Information Technology. Many tutors have ratings that you can evaluate, and thus decide on the person that best matches with your budget and requirements.

Needless to say, there are lots of other platforms you can try out. and are equally viable resources. If you have a limited budget and can’t afford to spend a lot of money, you can check out online tutorials on YouTube. Lots of teachers offer their services for free in an attempt to build themselves a reputation and stand out from the crowd.

Word of mouth
It might seem old fashioned to look for a tutor with the help of friends and family. Nonetheless, it works. Most people these days use social media, but not all have access to the shares and likes of other people. That being said, you can find a tutor for your child by asking around. Someone may know a very good online tutor you may not have heard of already. The best tutors are teachers or retirees who have references to provide, as well as a portfolio to help prove that their skills and competencies are genuine.

Personal tutoring websites
Making a website is now easier than ever before. Thanks to platforms like WordPress – that provide very cheap domain names and lots of free themes – people can now set up their own tutoring blogs, transformed into their own virtual CV to build a reputation in the online environment. They can add credentials and references, and even presentation videos that allow visitors to get to know the tutor and their teaching methods.

Personal tutoring websites can easily be found online or in the local newspaper. Most tutors realize that the best way prove themselves and their skills is with the help of advanced technology.

Social media
We mentioned that one of the best ways to find a tutor is to check the internet. While Google may offer lots of tutoring websites where you can subscribe and hire someone directly, there’s also a second method: social media. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, one can easily spot a competent private tutor for their child. Remember to search locally so you can meet with your selected tutor in person. Make sure to perform a background check on your candidate to help you know for sure that you’re hiring someone with genuine skills and competencies.

In many countries around the globe, teachers have very low monthly wages. Since they can’t support their families and live a comfortable lifestyle, they offer their skills and experience in private under the form of tutoring. Thanks to advanced technology and the internet, finding a tutor is now easier than ever before. It’s a win-win situation that make things better, helps those in need, and allows us to understand matters we can’t fully grasp in school.

This article was contributed by guest author Jason Phillips.

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