Off to College: How to Handle Moving Away from Home

Image by Porapak Apichodilok,

When it’s time to leave home and go to college, there will likely be a blend of emotions. You’ll be happy to further your education so that you’ll have a career that will allow you to support yourself. On the other hand, if it’s your first time away from home (and for many college students it is) there will be a bit of sadness as you are leaving the people who love you. Even if you’re moving a short distance away, things will change, from the way you prepare meals to the people you see and talk to on a daily basis.

Help with Moving
Spend the last few days at home getting help from family and friends with packing and moving. This is a time to share memories, exchange addresses and ensure that you’ll always be a phone call or an email away. If you want to spend as much time as possible with friends and family, consider hiring a moving company, such as Bekins Ban Lines Inc, who can help get everything packed and ready to go without you worrying as much about how to get items from one location to another.

Make Friends
If you do everything you can to make friends when you move to college, it can take your mind off of being away from home. Join a few clubs or get involved with community organizations. Talk to your roommate if you share a dorm room. Don’t be afraid to talk to new people in your classes or in different areas on campus, such as the library or the cafeteria. Once you make new friends, set up activities that you can do together to keep you occupied.

A Bit of Home in the Dorm
Bring a few things from home that you can keep in your dorm room. Hang pictures on the walls, keep a stuffed animal or two on a shelf, or keep special cards in a box so that you can look at them. Remember that you can always go home if you want to see your family, especially if your college is a short distance away. And these days, FaceTime easily lets you feel like you’re back in the same room as your loved ones!

Become an Adult
Whether it’s learning how to iron your clothes or how to cook, being at college gives you a way to learn how to be an adult. Take time to learn the skills needed to become as independent as you can and/or to have a family of your own one day. When you go back home, you can show off these skills to impress your parents and the rest of your family and friends.

Going to college is a fun time, but it can be associated with heartbreak as you leave home for the first time. Meet new people, and discover what you’re good at. Keep communication lines open, and enjoy the new ways of life that college has to offer.

This article was contributed by guest author Hannah Whittenly.