Out of College: How to Stay Productive at Work

Image by Annie Spratt, unsplash.com

Starting a new 9-5 job can be overwhelming; how do people go to the same job, every day, for 40 hours a week? It’s all too easy for monotony to set in and make you wish you never started your job in the first place. With all the stress, other people who think they know best, and doing the same thing every day, losing motivation is basically a guarantee. But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do about it. By making a few simple changes, you can make your job exciting and start looking forward to future tasks once again. Here is how I did it and the tips I picked up along the way:

Get things done
Try to focus on all the tasks you have at hand and go at them with everything you’ve got. There must be a reason why you started your job in the first place, and by passionately accomplishing your tasks, you will be able to find that flame inside of you and fall in love with your job again.

Stay organized
It is no secret that people are more productive when they work in an organized environment. You should be able to easily find anything you need to get the job done and keeping your workspace tidy will put you in the right mindset every day when you get to work. So even if things get cluttered during the day, try to always tidy up before leaving the office. Physical space isn’t the only thing that should be neat: if you are working on your computer, sort out all of your files, declutter your desktop, delete any unnecessary notes, reply to or archive all emails and set yourself up for success the next day. Make sure you always have a pen and paper to write down some ideas and that you can access answers to any question related to your work.

Learn how to deal with coworkers
Very few people have the opportunity to work completely on their own, but there is a good reason why people usually work in groups: having someone with a different skill set than you or someone you can bounce ideas off of is a great way to boost your productivity. But how do you deal with the other ones; he ones who really just won’t let you work in peace? The golden rule is: just nod and carry on. Trying to argue with someone who has a different opinion than you will only take time from your day that could have been spent in a much better way, especially if you feel like the discussion wouldn’t give productive results.

Be in a productive environment
Whether that means being surrounded by a team of hardworking people, putting up motivational posters, or working in complete silence, a productive environment is something we should strive to achieve. When my company was moving offices, we consulted experts in office interiors to make sure that we were getting most out of the environment. For us specifically, it was important to have a relaxed, yet hard-working environment with plenty of space for large meetings. For your offices, it might mean making sure that everyone has enough workspace to do what they need to, or that they are in an environment that stimulates creativity. Opt for comfortable chairs and desks, simple but effective rugs, big space, and air conditioning to create a great business environment.

No matter how long you’ve been working at your job, or how long you plan to stay there, being productive throughout the day is important, mostly because it keeps your brain working and gives your life direction. If you ever feel like you completely lost your passion, or you are not sure why you are doing what you are doing, try to remember why you first started, or what your favorite part of the job is – or even see if you might be better off switching to a different position with new challenges.

This article was contributed by Emma Joyce.

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