Top 5 Medical Jobs for High School Grads

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Choosing to enter the medical field after high school is a wise decision. It is one of the most promising career fields in America, as it is constantly growing and advancing. It is also an excellent field where you can get your foot in the door without having prior experience or a degree. Below you will find the top 5 medical jobs to get you started in a medical career, right out of high school.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant you will help doctors take blood, administer certain medications, record vital signs and maybe even assist in some office procedures. In other environments you may have clerical duties such as scheduling appointments, answering phones and greeting incoming patients. In either situation, your job is to keep your doctor on time and up to date with vital information about patients. Many places will hire you right out of high school and provide educational assistance or on the job training. In order to further your career, consider getting your medical assisting degree, which can be done without quitting your current job.

Surgical Technologist

If you are interested in watching surgeries, you may want to consider becoming a Surgical Tech. In this profession, you will prepare the operating room for surgical procedures. This includes making sure all of the necessary tools, sponges, sutures and other equipment needed for the operation, are in place. In some settings you may also monitor patients during surgery. Many hospitals and surgical centers will hire you with a high school diploma. However, there are several programs that will provide you with education and a diploma after high school.

Occupational Therapy Aide

As an occupational therapy aide you will help a certified occupational therapist in various areas. You may be the person who transports patients to and from their appointment. You may also be asked to wash linens or clean treatment areas. You may also be the person who schedules patients for follow up appointments. The certified therapist may also rely on your eyes and ears by paying close attention to the patient. You may be able to pick up on certain things that the therapist may miss. In this career, you can provide very helpful insight as the therapist’s “second set of eyes.”

Emergency Medical Technician
An occupation as an EMT is a great way to help others in need and also have time to take online college courses, as you will have down time between calls. As an EMT you will be one of the first responders to accidents or homes to provide care for sick or injured people. As an EMT you may also assess patients, provide CPR, help victims out of dangerous situations and more. You have the opportunity to progress your EMT career into different levels such as Intermediate EMT and Advanced EMT. Additionally, you can choose to go to school to become a Paramedic.

Personal Care Aide
If you have a lot of compassion and enjoy helping others, you may want to begin your medical career as a personal care aide. In this occupation you will be helping elderly people, those with chronic or severe illnesses as well as those with diminished mental capacity to live their daily lives. The people you help will also have varying degrees of abilities. You may have one patient that can do most things of him or herself, while another patient may need your assistance with basic functions, such as eating. Many companies will hire you right out of high school and will provide you with any required training.

This article was contributed by guest author April Adams.