Dorm Life: Easy Ways To Keep Your Room Clean

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For many of us going to college, dorms are even better than having your own apartment. It’s a place where you’re going to meet a lot of new friends and attend amazing parties. There you have complete freedom – no one can tell you what to do and when to do it – and that can be seen with one glance at your schedule. With parties and classes to attend, it will be packed. The only problem with this is that it leaves very little time to keep your room clean and organized. You’ll often find yourself entering your room just to find your bed. If you don’t want to break your neck in search of that bed, follow these easy steps to get that mess under control.

Turn the cleaning into an activity

When you live in a dorm, you probably have at least one roommate. If you join forces, you’ll be able to keep the mess under control. It doesn’t sound like fun, but the cleaning process can be turned into a painless activity if you do it together, especially if you and your roommate have different classes and hang out with different friends – this could be your quality time together. But it’s not enough just to make this decision – you need a schedule. Create your cleaning schedule at the beginning of every semester and stick to it. You should get used to it pretty quickly and it will become a part of the routine.

Set up a collective budget

One of the problems when it comes to cleaning your room in a dorm is the lack of cleaning equipment. Most students would rather die than spend their money on something they hate to use. But you can even start with just a pack of wipes to wipe down things you come into contact with every day. Their disinfecting ability will lessen the probability of you catching a disease. But of course, this isn’t enough. What about all that dust that’s been accumulating for who knows how long? Face it – you need a decent vacuum cleaner. But so does every other student in the dorm, so why not set up a collective budget? Just get everyone on your floor to give a couple of bucks and buy one vacuum cleaner that you will share. It’s not like there will be a line for it, as long as you stick to your cleaning day on the schedule. And one more thing – remember to change the bag.

Free the space (you already don’t have)

Rooms in dorms are usually very small, so why they are so hard to keep clean and organized? Probably because of all that clutter you somehow managed to fit in there. We all tend to keep various things we don’t need because they have some sentimental value for us. It’s normal that in dorms people have even more of those things, especially if you’re far away from home. But in these small places, those sentiments can make you break your neck. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to some of them and your only closet is already full, you can always choose one of the various Supereasy storage options that will allow you to keep them all close to your heart and out of sight. But that doesn’t mean you can just store everything and there will be no more need for cleaning. Unfortunately, dust and germs cannot be stored, but they can be kept under control if you stick to your schedule. We all know that college life can be like a tornado, but your room is not supposed to be hit by one.

This article was contributed by guest author Sasha Duncan.

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