5 Secret Benefits of Off-Campus Living

Moving out of the dorm and into an off-campus apartment can be a complicated choice. Dorms offer the comfort of convenience and simplicity. However, there’s a big world outside of your dorm room, residential hall and college campus. That big world includes off-campus housing that could change the way you live as a college student. Although moving off campus can be a complex decision, it offers some major advantages that can make the choice easier. These advantages include: getting more living space, saving money, gaining life experience, setting your own rules and gaining access to a wide array of amenities. So, if you’re looking for a room for rent and you’re unsure if off-campus living is right for you, these advantages could help make up your mind.

Gives You More Living Space

Dorm rooms are notoriously small and sharing one with a roommate can make it cramped. They’re barely large enough to be called a “living space.” Although it may be cool to live in such a cramped space when you’re a freshman, such conditions could simply become unsuitable as you mature. Off-campus apartments for rent are much larger. Even a room for rent is typically much larger than dorm rooms. Besides that, off campus housing offers real living space. Apartments usually come with a real kitchen, private bedroom, living room and storage. Additionally, a larger, more adultlike space is easier to share with a roommate. It’ll also be more fun to hang out with your friends as well as easier to throw parties.

Helps You Gain Some Life Experience

New responsibility is something that most people don’t want, but it’s something that many young college students need to help them mature. Living off campus basically gives you a gentle push into adulthood. It gives you lots of new responsibilities, including:

  • Budgeting for rent, bills and other expenses
  • Cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and performing basic maintenance on your living space
  • Troubleshooting problems in your apartment or arranging repairs
  • Understanding and signing contracts
  • Communicating and developing relationships with professionals that provide a service to you, such as the property manager, landlord and maintenance crew

Renting an off-campus apartment is also the first stone in your rental history. If you’re a good tenant, it’ll show in your rental history, which will make finding another apartment easier.

Living Off Campus Can Save Money

Unbelievably, many off-campus apartments are more cost-effective than on-campus housing options. But, you must be willing to look around to find the best deals. For example, renting in a popular neighbourhood will be much more expensive than staying in the dorms or renting elsewhere. Remember to do some research and choose an area that’s close to your university, yet affordable.

However, if you choose an apartment community like Residence on First you won’t have to worry about affordability or proximity to your university and amenities. This community offers affordable student accommodation with access to amenities in and around the apartment complex. Not to mention, all their rentals are inclusive, so you won’t have to pay any utility bills. Sharing the rent, bills and general cost of living with a roommate can make living off campus even more affordable. This is a luxury you can’t get with dorm living; because, although you live with a roommate, they don’t share half of your expenses.

Allows You to Set Your Own Rules

Dorms are full of rules, from curfews to restrictions on overnight guests. They also have a Resident Advisor (RA) who polices the students and enforces these rules. On the other hand, you set the rules at your own apartment. But, keep in mind that apartment buildings have general rules about pets, noise levels, amenity usage and occupancy. These general rules, however, aren’t nearly as restrictive as those found in dorms. In your own apartment, you can leave or come back when you want, party as much as you want, have as many guests as you want and basically do whatever you want (as long as it’s legal and non-destructive).

Gives You Access to Many Amenities

One of the greatest things about living in an off-campus apartment is having access to, or being close to amenities. Most complexes, like Residence on First, offer a multitude of amenities. For example, they offer free Wi-Fi, a study lounge, a ping pong table, a gym, a state-of-the-art theatre and so much more. Residences like this not only offer amenities, they also put you closer to them. Restaurants, supermarkets, shops, parks and more will be within walking distance. This will allow you to explore and experience more.


Making the move off campus may be a complex decision, but the reasons for doing so are simple. You’ll save money, have more room, be able to set your own rules, have access to cool amenities and gain some valuable life experience. Staying on campus may be convenient, but it can’t really prepare you for adulthood and living in the “real world.” In the end, living off campus has so many benefits that it can enhance your college experience and improve your quality of living.

 This article was contributed by guest author Madelene Pelchat.

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