Don’t panic – you can ace your interviews. A few tips and tricks (ok, and some research) can help you build a bond with your interviewer. We’ll help you learn how to relax and be as prepared as possible when interviewing.

8 Mistakes You Might be Making During a Job Interview

When you finally feel ready to balance school and a career, it’s time to take those important first steps. You’ve drafted up your resume, sent it out, and you’re ready to start showing up at job interviews. You’re probably looking to land a more lucrative position than the summer job you worked as a teenager, Read more…

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Cracking the Office Dress Code

Throughout your professional journey there are many times a polished image can aid in your success. From interning to interviews, presentations or future job promotions, being mindful of what you’re wearing can have a great influence on your confidence and overall achievements. Deciding what to wear to work becomes a direct reflection of who you Read more…

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What Employers Look For In Your Social Media

Do you know that over 60% of employers actually look at a potential employee’s social media profiles in order to help make their final decision? It is important that all job seekers know what is on their social media accounts and steps they can take in order to have their social media actually help with Read more…

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10 Tips To Conquer Today’s Digital Interview @ The SKYPE Level

The days of differentiating yourself from the rest of the hireable crowd using a paper resume, placed on top of another stack of possible candidates is so past tense. Putting your important stats on a certain type of high quality paper, using a “special” color with a unique texture, is from our grandparents’ era, not Read more…

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Video Interviews: The New Frontier Of Job Interviewing

This video interviews article was contributed by guest author Dave Landry.

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How to Feel Confident At Your First Job Interview

Going to a job interview is always stressful, especially if you are a freshly-baked post-graduate. But when your confidence is too low, and you can hardly breathe or talk, it can actually ruin your interview. Everyone is shy and anxious, but you need to find ways to boost your self-esteem before and during the interview. Read more…

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Plotting Your Course: How Personality Tests Can Help You Choose a Major

Whether you’re attending university or working toward a degree online, sooner or later you’ll be asked to declare a major. When you make your choice, you’re committing yourself to the field of study that leads to your future career. It’s an important and sometimes worrying decision. You may already know exactly what you want to Read more…

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Graduating from College? 7 Great Ideas to Promote Yourself in the Job Market

You studied hard, did your work, participated in discussions, and earned good grades. This is self-promotion in terms of the college classroom. Self-promotion in the job market requires skills too, but they may not be so very different from those you’ve already mastered. Consider the following. 1. Know the field you want to enter In Read more…

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The Body Language Slips That Successful People Never Make

This article was contributed by guest author David Keane.

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The Job Interview Preparedness Pack

Find out everything you need to ensure your interview goes smoothly. It’s hard enough interviewing for a job as one person amongst a large pool of applicants, possibly with better qualifications than you. Ensure you look and sound presentable, so as to let both your professionalism and qualifications do the talking. Use this article as Read more…

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