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Poorly written or designed applications can put a stop to your career before it’s even started. Let us help you figure out what the best resume and cover letter looks like for you and your path.

How Important Are Internships?

Many college students may find after graduation that the job market now asks for more than just a Bachelor’s degree. Recruiters are expecting candidates to have experience fresh out of school and most will be looking for that experience through internships. Internships have become the new normal for college graduates. As a newly graduated student Read more…

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5-Minute Resume Tricks to Help You Land Your Dream Job [Infographic]

Let’s get one thing clear – the majority of professionals spend at least eight hours at work every weekday. Per year, that’s 1,842 hours. But that’s not the end of it – in their lifetime, professionals spend at least 90,000 hours working! Needless to say, working a job that you don’t like is a massive Read more…

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Graduating from College? 7 Great Ideas to Promote Yourself in the Job Market

You studied hard, did your work, participated in discussions, and earned good grades. This is self-promotion in terms of the college classroom. Self-promotion in the job market requires skills too, but they may not be so very different from those you’ve already mastered. Consider the following. 1. Know the field you want to enter In Read more…

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Tips for Writing a Killer Resume for Creative Professionals

There was a time when innovation was expected from creative professionals while showcasing their skills through a proper resume. It grabbed the attention of employers at the first go; however, the effect was not long lasting. Soon this creativeness appeared as desperate appeals from the job seekers. There are myriads of creative job opportunities available Read more…

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7 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

In school, you’ll see plenty of opportunities to apply for jobs – full time, part time, internships, co-ops – even an application to attend a conference or be a club executive may require a resume. Use the beginning of the school year to freshen up your documents so if something does come up, you’re not Read more…

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