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School is expensive. Find out what you need to know about getting, maintaining, and paying off student loans.

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Quick Ways to Make Money While You’re Studying

An independent and fun-filled life is the fantasy of every college student. However, with the limited financial budget of a student, this fantasy remains just that – a fantasy. Moreover, college loan repayment is another obstacle that not only prevents this kind of life for students but also prevents them from investing independently and earning Read more…

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Student Loans, Continuing Education, and Entrepreneurship

Chances are, if you graduated from college, you have at least one student loan to pay off.  If that’s the case, my condolences.  However, you’re not alone.  All the better to budget with.  If you’re forced to save a set amount of money every month, you’re more likely to learn how to budget, and learn Read more…

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4 Smart Ways to Combat Fees and Tuition Next Semester

Let’s face it: college tuition is through the roof, and it’s only going to get higher. At the same time, many higher level jobs are only available to those with degrees. Add the two together, and college becomes a daunting and expensive task, rather than a chance to learn and grow as a person. Not Read more…

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Student Loans Guide

The majority of university students have forever dealt with student loans. Past students may still be trying to pay off their loans while current ones may feel swamped with the amount of money they will have to pay. Luckily, there are many resources online that have great information for students on how to deal with Read more…

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Government vs. Private Student Loans

With all the costs of post-secondary education, it can become very difficult to find the money to pay for it. Luckily, with student loans, students can more easily pay for university/college. There are two forms of student loans: government loans and private loans (i.e. personal loans and student lines of credit). Depending on eligibility, students Read more…

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