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Next Semester Prep: What Students Should Do During Winter Break

Once fall semester ends, you may want to think of nothing more than the upcoming break. Winter break is an excellent time to rest, recharge and prepare for the coming year. However, to productively prepare for the next semester, take a little time during break to organize your upcoming agenda. Evaluate Your Fall Semester This Read more…

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6 Tips That Help You Save Money and Time While at College

The concept of a starving student is not new. In fact, the majority of college students struggle to make financial ends meet. College students are also known to be extremely busy juggling all of their classes, homework, and other responsibilities. However, there are certain things that students can do to save money and time while Read more…

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The Ebook vs. The Textbook

Post-secondary schools have one requirement: textbooks. We cannot escape the long lines at the bookstore, the required readings, and taking notes on each chapter, but the format is changing and this may work toward the benefit of students. Ebooks are now becoming more and more popular. First, this isn’t a choice of one or the Read more…

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Buying Textbooks: Alternatives to School Bookstores

Textbooks can be a huge bummer. Not only do you have to read countless pages to keep up with classes, but you also have to pay hundreds of dollars for them! A typical textbook costs around $100. With a full course load, that’s about $800-$1000 a year just on books. So, before you head into Read more…

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