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Image from depositphotos.com

Image from depositphotos.com

Student life stressing you out? Here’s a pro tip: become careless. Follow the letters of the Jedi code: don’t listen to emotions, listen to peace. Remember that passion exists only if you let it overcome you. Serenity is the only way towards true carelessness.

A true careless attitude aims to make you oblivious to the happenings around you. In a true existentialist scenario when everything has gone haywire, you must stay a stone in the middle of an ocean of troubles. Yet keeping calm when your daily routine is raided by problems is easier said than done. One other consequence would be the possibility of becoming heartless (something not really desirable).

Fear not, though, for we are here to present you with the top tips on how to nurture a true careless attitude. Follow the advice below and you won’t be shaken by your emotions again:

1. Learn to Say No
You may think that this is unimportant or that it may make you become heartless. None of that is true. Saying no means saying yes to the things you really want. Saying no means staying focused. On track. Goal-oriented. Set on success with the power and the right attitude to have you going the distance every time it’s needed. If you don’t learn to say no, you’ll end up trying to help everyone and forget about yourself.

Want more reasons to say no? Read this comprehensive analysis on how the art of refusing will give you your life back in more ways than one.

2. Accept Your Weaknesses
Nobody’s perfect, am I right? Except for aerospace engineers, of course.

The moment you expect yourself to achieve perfection, your productivity will decrease. Instead of perfect, aim for good. Instead of rushing and overworking to make everything the best thing ever, try a level-headed approach. If you lower how much you care about something, you will not be disappointed if you do less than perfection.

3. Understand How You Function
Everyone has a specific rhythm in which he or she works best. Get to know your rhythm. A person nurturing a careless attitude will automatically work according to their specific cycle. Any alteration to that workflow and you may end up tired, unhappy, and sick of your job. Every now and then it’s OK to even ask for a time off to recharge your batteries, so don’t be afraid to if your body prompts you to.

4. Don’t Change for Others
Your way of working doesn’t need to change. Once you tell yourself that, you will be able to overpass any constraints. Tell your peers that your rhythm works best for you and argue your decision to stick to it. If you make a successful enough plea, the people around you will begin to adapt to your way of working and managing deadlines.

5. Stop Seeking Validation
Rewards come and go. Thanks are often absent. Reproaches can sting. However, the validation game is just another one of those tricks that your mind likes to play on you. Once you receive positive feedback, you will want more, like a drug.

Don’t expect to be thanked for what you do. Always put reproaches behind you – keep in mind what you’ve done wrong and do better next time. No ifs and no buts. Being truly careless means having the power to weather the most terrible of storms with a straight face.

Last but not least, reward-based work also has many downsides – so avoid yearning for them and you’ll be all the more surprised when they do arrive.

6. See the Flaws in Others
Everyone has flaws. There is a certain perfection in a world where flaws meet qualities and complete each other like pieces of this grand puzzle that is the universe. Try to notice the harmony that arises from this. Try to perceive your idiosyncrasies and part of what makes you human and therefore beautiful. Don’t try to stress them nor should you take pride in them. Treat them as they are and if possible, improve upon bad habits.

All in all, remember that self-improvement is something necessary and logical at the same time. It’s what we all do to escape into our better selves. Therefore, developing a careless attitude is the best way to have peace of mind in any and all situations that one may encounter in life.

This article was contributed by guest author Amanda Wilks.