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Image by fdecomite, Flickr

Image by fdecomite, Flickr

With the fast paced world of technology progressing at an alarming speed, face-to-face meetings are happening less often than they used to. They are being replaced by Skype calls and web conferences. However, they have not disappeared completely yet, and are still an important part of many people’s job descriptions.

For younger professionals, they are a chance to not only win their superiors’ favor but to also rise higher through the ranks in the company frame. So for those of you looking for tips on how to prepare for work-related travelling, here are some important points you need to remember when leaving on a business trip.

What You Carry

Try not to carry too much with you. Whatever you need for the duration of the business trip will easily fit into a carry-on bag, and that includes all your work wear and any essentials. It is an unrequited obstacle to carry luggage that you will have to wait for at the airport. The less you carry, the less the hassle.

Practical And Easy

The easiest and most practical way to organize your belongings in your suitcase is to put the heavier things by the wheels and the lighter ones towards the top. So if you’re carrying extra shoes, those will be by the wheels, while your folded, ironed shirts will be at the top. Also, another way to stop your ironed, tailored dress shirts from wrinkling is to pack them into plastic bags and squeeze them between the pants and the blazers. In case they wrinkle anyways, leave them on a hanger in the shower and let the steam clear away any remnants of the creases.

Carry your toiletries in your laptop case to avoid the hassle of taking them out of your suitcase at every security checkpoint. What you do not need, do not take with you – that’s the basic rule of travelling light. Extra equipment for any kind of exercise must be avoided, though you can afford to carry a swimsuit with you in case you’re in the mood for a dip in the pool.

The Essentials

Take extra special care of your important documents and try not to lose them. Your passport, ID, and other important documents must be stay with you throughout the trip in your laptop bag. In case of any loss, make hard and soft copies of all your documents. Store the hard copies among your clothes, while you store the soft ones in an online medium so that they are within your reach at all times. Having a reliable backup in the event that anything could go wrong is absolutely necessary.

This article was contributed by guest author Emma Jenifer.