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One of the worst feelings has to be seeing your phone at 10% and realizing that although you have your charging cable, you forgot your adapter at home. And of course, there’s never a laptop in sight. As much as you try to stare down the wall outlet in front of you, it won’t turn into a USB port. But now, there’s a way it can.


Power2U looks like a regular wall outlet, except for two vertical USB ports in the middle. Not only can you now plug in two USB devices to charge, but the regular wall sockets are available to be used as well – letting you plug in up to four items at one time.

We were intrigued too. Here’s what you want to know:


The Details

  • Charge four devices at once
  • Blends into the wall as a standard outlet
  • It’s energy efficient with Smart circuitry, and safety shutters turn off power to the USB ports when not in use
  • Includes easy how-to installation video, manual, mounting screws and matching wallplate
  • Compatible with any device that charges with a USB – iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets and phones, computers, cell phones, gaming systems, digital cameras – and the list goes on
  • It’s available in white, light almond, ivory or black
  • You can buy in bulk – 2, 10, 20 or 100
  • Price: starts at $45.98 for the white 2 pack

Install these at home in your room and your study space so you never need to run around looking for where you left that bulky power adapter. It can be your own DIY project!

More information can be found on the NewerTech website.

gobuddy iphone

Do you often forget your iPhone charger at home? When you do remember it, does it end up tangled at the bottom of your bag? Here’s an option for you: The GoBuddy+ Charger. It’s a portable charging cable for iPhones and iPads that fits on your keychain. The connectors tuck in nicely and the cable remains as compact as you need it. Did we mention it doubles as a bottle opener?

The Details

  • It comes in black or white
  • It’s Apple certified to work with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air
  • Cable measures 8.25 inches
  • Contains a bottle opener
  • Price: $24.95

Fair warning: If you’re not used to having anything on your keychain other than keys, you may find it a bit bulky. You may also find the connectors come out of their slots when the GoBuddy+ is bouncing around in your bag.

If neither of those bother you, you may find it’s the perfect gift for your tech-savvy (or forgetful) friends, and it fits into many “Secret Santa” gift exchange budgets. You can even win the title of “Best Roommate Ever” if you’re feeling generous (or annoyed at all the cords always lying around).

And yes, it’s ok to pick one up for yourself! Your classmates are guaranteed to think you’re a leader in technology and pub night efficiency.

For more information, visit the Kanex website.