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This fall season, it seems that everything old is new again. The fall runways were flooded with vintage inspired pieces from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Those cringe worthy pictures of your 10 year old self in butterfly chokers and tiny round sunglasses are no longer reasons for embarrassment! Now, if you’re a lucky enough to have a family member whose closet is filled with some authentic pieces from this era, stick some of their pieces in your suitcases before you go off to res!

Thankfully, these cozy pieces of outerwear in all types of materials are here for the fall season! Investing in an oversized denim, corduroy, leather or even fur jacket can give you multiple outfit options and are also wearable for multiple seasons. Try pairing your jacket with a cute logo tee or even a turtleneck! Additionally, wearing your oversized jacket with pants matching in the same color and material will also make a statement on campus. Cute and comfy and an excellent investment piece for a student who is looking to get the best value for their clothing.
Again, another totally comfy and stylish way to get yourself noticed on campus. These trends are drawing their inspiration from the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s! Everything from the tracksuits of the 80’s, the sweatpants and cropped tops from the 90’s and the lovely velour tracksuits that graced both Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian are making a comeback! Shopping in your older siblings closet or even at thrift shops will be friendly for both your wallet and your closet.
I know that when some think about the 70’s their first thought is loud flowery print dresses and bright, in your face clothing, but there were also some other important color schemes that we can refer back to from the 70’s. Warm toned reds, browns and off yellow colors were just as popular and seen on turtlenecks, short button up skirts, flared leg pants and even those lovely corduroy jackets we talked about earlier. Keep this color scheme in mind when picking new items for this season – these colors and super chic and make an easy transition from day to night wear.
4. RED
Straying away from the neutrals that we just talked about, if you’re itching for a pop of color, go for a bright vibrant red! Whether they’re pants, boots, crop tops or even a hat, red was all over the runway this fall. When designers did bring red into their collections, they were usually head to toe red ensembles and all the same shade: a beautiful, bright cherry red. And with pieces like this, especially if your suit or dress shopping, can be timeless, and worn again and again through multiple years and seasons.
These pants again, draw on the same concepts as the pieces we talked about in our 70’s minimalism section. Flared, high-waisted pants are back and a contrast from the skinny and boyfriend jeans that we’ve been rocking for the past few years. These pants can be in our 70’s minimalism colors, or other great options are other neutrals like white, black, grey, etc. Again, depending on your style, these pants can be great for work or play, and can be worn through multiple seasons!

This article was contributed by guest author Kasi Sewraj.

Throughout your professional journey there are many times a polished image can aid in your success. From interning to interviews, presentations or future job promotions, being mindful of what you’re wearing can have a great influence on your confidence and overall achievements. Deciding what to wear to work becomes a direct reflection of who you are. Although many companies today do lean towards a culture of business casual, there are still plenty of fields, positions, and circumstances where business formal is respectable. But what really defines business formal from business casual? Is there a rulebook? Dress codes are surely a subjective topic, a case by case situation between candidate and company. One thing is for certain: dressing for success is an important step in any professional preparation process.

Why Does What You Wear Matter?

● It takes only a tenth of a second to form an impression of a complete stranger from the appearance of their face alone.
● Within the first minute of an introduction, people subconsciously form a positive, negative, or neutral opinion of others.
● Clothing impacts perceptions of one’s personal & professional image.

The Five Most Common Dress Codes Mentioned throughout Job Listings (No specific order)

● Business Formal
● Business Professional
● Business Casual
● Small Business Casual
● Creative

How to gain insights on a company’s dress code before you interview:

1) Observe: When in the office to drop off a resume/application, take note of the outfits that others are wearing. Is there a sneaker culture or are dress shoes more the norm?
2) Get Online: Through the company’s social profiles you can often find pictures that give you an inside look at the company culture, including everyday attire worn by current employees. The website of a prospective employer may be far more formal than the culture of the office. Don’t rely on executive headshots to give you an idea of the office attire.
3) Visit: Take a stroll around the surroundings of the office. Watching people pass through the lobby or parking lot can give you a better sense of the work-crowd in that specific area.
4) Ask: If you know someone already employed, use them as a resource. And when in doubt, when you get the job, just ask your HR representative before your first day!

Even the most prepared candidates who research their prospective role as well as the company background, will commonly forget to consider the office dress code. T.M.Lewin, London-based tailors, have crafted a handy guide to help us decipher the various workplace dress codes. Aspiring professionals should be able to navigate office cultures with confidence, style and ease. T.M.Lewin has been dressing professional workforces since 1898 with a popular range of men’s and ladies’ shirts.

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This article was contributed by guest author Caleb Wells.

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Being a student is one of those times in your life where you’re relatively stress-free and having lots of fun, being social and meeting new people almost every day. Along with securing good grades, many students also want to be fashionable every day as it gives them a great confidence boost.

Being a student also entails taking part in many co-curricular activities which often require you to be well-dressed to represent your class, club or college. Then there are social events and parties happening almost every week which many students love to attend.

However, being broke has to be the most common problem faced by students who often struggle even with their daily expenses. So how are they to find a way to be fashionable? It’s very possible – it just requires thinking, shopping and dressing smart.

1. Get simpler stand-alone pieces in good quality. A classic, good quality piece of clothing not only looks great but it also lasts really long, making it a great investment. Instead of a cheap pair of jeans, which wear out in a season, a heftier investment up front on great quality denim is the smarter thing to do.

Just like great denims, a simple cut leather jacket, a classic well fitted dress or two, and some good quality basic tees, are not only stylish but also long lasting. They can all be mixed and matched to create many different looks.

2. Take trips to the thrift shop. Thrift shops are not just a broke person’s best friend, they are also a second home to many fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Thrift shops are treasure boxes which contain many unexpected gems that can give anyone a serious fashion overhaul without dishing out much. They’re not just great places to hunt for all your statement pieces like jewelry, scarfs, or fun and functional tote bags, but also to supplement unique quirky styles and eclectic fashion.

3. Share and swap. College is the perfect time to share clothes with friends and basically double or triple your outfit range. Not only does it create bonds of friendship and support, but also keeps you trendy throughout the year! Being in college makes it quite easy to organize a clothes swap event, so call all your friends and their friends and make this a semester thing.

4. Sell. You can sell old clothes at consignment shops and use the money or the shop credit you receive to update your wardrobe. Selling online is a feasible option for broke students, as it doesn’t require anything more than registering with a website or installing an app on your phone. It would help here if you had high-quality pieces which you have grown tired of, but are still in good condition. It could be the fancy dress that all your friends have seen or a classic bag which you replace for a newer style. Whatever it is, the online world will take it!

5. Use student discounts. Student discounts are a cool way to buy the fashion items that you need to put your wardrobe on point. All big and small brands like Asos, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Steve Madden and even Top Shop offer students discounts which can help you stay cool and chic on a budget.

Other than making use of these tips, students can also subscribe to all those annoying emails that fashion stores want to send to you – those emails have all the discount offers and promo codes that you need. As long as you shop for a purpose and not for a temporary high, your money is not wasted. Don’t spend often and forget, instead, save up, splurge and then use.

These tips can be applied to any college student at any time as they will help you keep ahead of your fashion mistakes and within budget when the cash is low.

This article was contributed by guest author Rachael Everly.