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Image by Foundry, pixabay.com

Image by Foundry, pixabay.com

Computers have recently infiltrated virtually all aspects of our everyday living. Now more than ever, most of the mundane tasks that necessitated the use of pen and paper can be accomplished with the aid of desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones. Whether drafting reports, writing emails, or scheduling your day to day duties, learning to master touch typing can drastically enhance your computing experience.

There was a time when this skill was the sole reserve of law court stenographers and transcriptionists. However, in this digital era, every one of us can benefit from perfecting the art of touch typing. Here are some reasons why you should learn to type properly:

It enhances your typing speed and typing accuracy

Unlike the hunt and peck method, touch typing will enable you to make use of ideal finger placement on your computer’s keyboard. This ensures that you can conveniently utilize all your fingers while you are engaged in typing. As a result, you will find yourself typing at an optimal speed, and the same time, greatly reducing the errors you make. Should you be curious to discover what your current typing speed stands at in words per minute (wpm), start with a typing test.

It can enhance your concentration and mental focus

Mastering the skill of touch typing does away with the constant need to look down at the keyboard while typing in order to identify the key you should press. It will allow you to rely totally on motor reflexes, allowing you to concentrate on the screen as opposed to constantly shifting it from the screen back to the keyboard (which can greatly impair your mental focus).

It improves your productivity and wellbeing

By enhancing your typing speed and accuracy, you will discover that you can get more work done in an efficient and stress-free manner. This can make you infinitely more marketable to your current employer as well as potential employers should you decide to seek greener pastures. It is no secret that most employers are on the lookout for workers who can execute their duties in a time efficient and productive way. By perfecting your touch typing skills you will effectively place yourself on the highroad to take your career to the next level.

As you most definitely are aware, sitting at your desk for extended periods of time can begin to take a toll on your health. You will start to experience annoying issues such as back pains, neck pains, shoulder aches and even sore wrists, all of which usually arise from poor computing habits and inappropriate posture while typing.

Touch typing emphasizes excellent computing habits, one of the most critical being good posture. This can ultimately minimize the risk of sustaining work related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, while at the same time improving your comfort while carrying out your day to day duties.

There are many advantages to be had when it comes to learning to type properly – get started today!

This article was contributed by guest author Adam Fort.