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Image by Steinar Engeland, unsplash.com

There is no excuse not to sharpen your digital skills in this modern day. The Internet has made many things possible; among them the ability to study for free to attain all manner of skills – right at the comfort of your space. The most marketable skills are digital skills because you have to keep up with the times. The best part is that no matter who you are or where you are, you can enhance your professionalism by acquiring a wide range of digital skills. This article documents eight digital skills you can learn from home, absolutely free.

1. Touch Typing

Every person should consider this wonderful skill. Touch typing will make you very proficient when it comes to typing on your computer. You will rely on muscle memory rather than looking at the keys. This is the sure way to type super-fast while eliminating major errors. Whether you are working for a company or for yourself, typing fast and effectively will save you both time and money – not to mention that you’ll be the envy of your friends. It is a great skill to get started with. Test your typing speed online and study touch typing if you do not have an impressive speed. This skill is free and a quick search online will reveal exactly where to start.

2. Product Management

Product management skills allow you to manage or coordinate the processing of digital products. This means you can manage teams from the idea level to launch, whether for sites, apps and even wearable technology. Product managers will oversee the process while working with designers, marketers and developers. How to seamlessly do this will be made possible by your digital skills in product management. The good news is that you can study this online, free of charge. You will get excellent insights that allow you to stand out from the crowd. This skill will also see you successfully learn how to use relevant tools; to facilitate the collaboration of your team. Virtually anyone can attain this skill and it is worth taking full advantage of.

3. HTML and CSS

Having some coding skills is definitely the best thing you can do to add value to your profession. HTML and CSS are the two most important coding languages that are used to build websites. HTML is the foundation and many people who have mastered this skill have learned it online for free. CSS is the next level of coding and it will play a role in bringing various features to a website. After learning these skills, you will be able to enhance a brand the right way by building the right outfit for the online space. You can do this for your brand or for that of your employer. Again, you do not need to be very intelligent to master this skill. You only need to have a keen need to learn, and some time to spare. Learn absolutely free online and enhance your skill-set.

4. Photoshop

There are many people who are familiar with Photoshop but have never gotten around to using it. The truth of the matter is that if you have never used it, it can be a bit intimidating. Photoshop skills will go a long way in helping your products in a number of ways. From designing websites to apps and social media images; Photoshop skills will save you money. This is because you do not have to hire someone else to do this for you. Additionally, you can create designs that you actually like as you customize your products. Photoshop skills can be acquired for free and searching online is the best place to begin your skill acquisition. The good thing is the Photoshop is highly user-friendly.

5. SEO

Without Search Engine Optimization skills, you can be sure that your online website marketing endeavors will be compromised. You need to know what makes a good site suitable for the search engines. There are all manner of tactics employed by site owners to remain relevant online. Through SEO, you are able to learn the right ways to fully optimize your site in a sustainable manner. From SEO content to analytics, there is so much to learn. Thankfully, you do not have to pay for it online. Acquiring a wealth of experience in this area will enable you build very strong brands. Keep in mind that keeping your skill up to date is the way to go; there are so many SEO elements that crop up daily in the ever-changing digital environment.

6. Digital Marketing

Marketing products and services digitally has become the order of the day, as companies are able to make sales and big profits. Learning how digital marketing works will also propel you in the right direction if you are looking to engage this field. In reality, we all engage in digital marketing for one thing or another. Learning the best practices will give you that extra edge that will keep you ahead of the pack. This area aims to grab the attention of digital customers for better product visibility. There are all manners of tactics to employ and studying free online will allow you to attain these crucial digital skills.

7. Social Media Management

There is no question that most of us use social media. However, what many people do not have are the right skills to use social media while capitalizing on the potential gains. In this respect, social media management skills are pivotal and will allow you to perform better. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, there are endless social media channels to talk about. In light of this, knowing how to handle your social media engagements is a digital skill that you can learn online for free.

8. A New Language

Learning a new language may not sound like a digital skill. However, because we are living in a global village, learning a new language can open up an array of opportunities that will enhance your life. To this end, learning a new language for free online will not just help you appreciate another culture, but it will give you an economic edge as well.

This article was contributed by guest author Adam Fort.