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Image by JD Johan Larsson, Flickr

Image by JD Johan Larsson, Flickr

Post-secondary schools have one requirement: textbooks. We cannot escape the long lines at the bookstore, the required readings, and taking notes on each chapter, but the format is changing and this may work toward the benefit of students. Ebooks are now becoming more and more popular.

First, this isn’t a choice of one or the other. Second, though it may seem so at times, technology isn’t always the way of the future. And last, the traditional, overpriced, heavy choice isn’t necessarily the worst.

Benefits of the eBook

  • Cost effective. The exclusion of printed pages and overhead costs like shipping and storage reduces the overall cost for students by a substantial amount.
  • Easier to Carry. With electronic books, as long as you’ve got a laptop, you’ve got your ebook. Instead of carrying the weight of multiple textbooks, just make sure you have a laptop, tablet, iPad, or even a smartphone.
  • They take up less space. Instead of piling your textbooks on your desk, shelf, or floor, ebooks are stored on your laptop.
  • Printable. If you want to focus on a specific page, image or chapter, you can print it out to make notes or highlight important content. This combines the best of both worlds.
  • Fonts can be resized. You can choose the view of the ebook, similar to reading documents using Word or Adobe Reader.

Benefits of the Textbook

  • It’s what you’re used to. You’ve been using textbooks for the majority of your school life. You don’t need to worry about technology, short battery life, or straining your eyes while glaring at screens.
  • You can resell them. Whether it’s back to your school bookstore, online, or to a friend or classmate, you can sell your textbooks to others. With the ebook, it is one code for one individual, available on one platform.
  • Tangible. Interacting with a physical book, you can make highlights, changes, and keep track of pages and readings. Studies have shown that you retain more information from a tangible book than reading on screen.
  • Commonality. Professors will tell you how to access the ebook, but the textbooks are common in bookstores, making them easier to find.

Don’t forget to look for other purchasing options or textbook exchange websites like Tusbe. Check for Facebook groups, buy a used book, or look online by checking the author and ISBN number.

The process of reading, writing and rewriting helps you retain information. The best way to determine which method of learning is best suited to you will help you succeed. You’re not restricted to one type of book either – you can balance both methods. Perhaps it makes more sense for certain classes – keep that in mind when making your purchasing decisions.