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Being a student is one of those times in your life where you’re relatively stress-free and having lots of fun, being social and meeting new people almost every day. Along with securing good grades, many students also want to be fashionable every day as it gives them a great confidence boost.

Being a student also entails taking part in many co-curricular activities which often require you to be well-dressed to represent your class, club or college. Then there are social events and parties happening almost every week which many students love to attend.

However, being broke has to be the most common problem faced by students who often struggle even with their daily expenses. So how are they to find a way to be fashionable? It’s very possible – it just requires thinking, shopping and dressing smart.

1. Get simpler stand-alone pieces in good quality. A classic, good quality piece of clothing not only looks great but it also lasts really long, making it a great investment. Instead of a cheap pair of jeans, which wear out in a season, a heftier investment up front on great quality denim is the smarter thing to do.

Just like great denims, a simple cut leather jacket, a classic well fitted dress or two, and some good quality basic tees, are not only stylish but also long lasting. They can all be mixed and matched to create many different looks.

2. Take trips to the thrift shop. Thrift shops are not just a broke person’s best friend, they are also a second home to many fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Thrift shops are treasure boxes which contain many unexpected gems that can give anyone a serious fashion overhaul without dishing out much. They’re not just great places to hunt for all your statement pieces like jewelry, scarfs, or fun and functional tote bags, but also to supplement unique quirky styles and eclectic fashion.

3. Share and swap. College is the perfect time to share clothes with friends and basically double or triple your outfit range. Not only does it create bonds of friendship and support, but also keeps you trendy throughout the year! Being in college makes it quite easy to organize a clothes swap event, so call all your friends and their friends and make this a semester thing.

4. Sell. You can sell old clothes at consignment shops and use the money or the shop credit you receive to update your wardrobe. Selling online is a feasible option for broke students, as it doesn’t require anything more than registering with a website or installing an app on your phone. It would help here if you had high-quality pieces which you have grown tired of, but are still in good condition. It could be the fancy dress that all your friends have seen or a classic bag which you replace for a newer style. Whatever it is, the online world will take it!

5. Use student discounts. Student discounts are a cool way to buy the fashion items that you need to put your wardrobe on point. All big and small brands like Asos, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Steve Madden and even Top Shop offer students discounts which can help you stay cool and chic on a budget.

Other than making use of these tips, students can also subscribe to all those annoying emails that fashion stores want to send to you – those emails have all the discount offers and promo codes that you need. As long as you shop for a purpose and not for a temporary high, your money is not wasted. Don’t spend often and forget, instead, save up, splurge and then use.

These tips can be applied to any college student at any time as they will help you keep ahead of your fashion mistakes and within budget when the cash is low.

This article was contributed by guest author Rachael Everly.

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Now that you know how to use your fashion blog to make some money, you might want to consider getting into ecommerce as well. If so, your next concern should be how to let people know about your blog and ecommerce site. After all, you can only grow your audience if they know about your site and where to find it, and the best way to do that is by having an online advertising campaign.

You might think that should be easy enough; all you have to do is to keep talking about it in your social networks, and people will come. That might work at the start, but unless you do something more, growing your audience will likely trickle to a stop as you saturate your natural fans such friends and family. You want to attract the attention of people you don’t know in order to widen your circle of influence, and that takes a bit more effort.

Targeted advertising
The first thing you need to do is to narrow your target audience. Your little sister may be an ardent supporter, but most of her circle of friends are unlikely to appreciate your insights on fashion do’s and don’ts, especially if you are targeting male teens. There are five major segments in fashion marketing: gender, age, geography, behavior, and lifestyle. You have to identify the profile or buyer persona of your target audience by defining them as male or female, age range, location, fashion quirks, and lifestyle choices. For example, your blog may focus on females between the age of 14 to 18 in New York that prefer US brands and are avid followers of K-pop.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can start planning your advertising strategy. Social media is the new black when it comes to advertising and marketing in general, but it is peculiarly suitable for fashion sites. This is primarily because people on social media tend to be more receptive to new ideas, more engaged once you capture their interest, and more likely to share to their networks because it is so easy to do so.

Social media in fashion advertising
According to this article, the top sites for fashion advertising are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Snapchat, a relative newcomer to the social media power sites but with a large following of young people, is also a powerful marketing tool for fashion sites for teenage fashionistas. However, while it may be easy for fashion and retail companies to launch an aggressive campaign on all these platforms, it is a little different if you have a limited budget. Here is some useful information about the different platforms that can help you decide which platforms are best for your fashion site.

• Facebook – Facebook tops the list for most advertisers from sheer volume. As of the 3rd quarter of 2016, it had 1.79 BILLION active users a month, which is about 1.2 billion users a using it on a daily basis. Statistically, advertising on FB just makes sense for blogs as well as ecommerce sites. Aside from reach, FB also offers different ad types to suit advertisers of all budgets and experience levels. You can pretty much learn as you go when you use Facebook ads, and you can start small while you test the waters.

• Instagram – Instagram is particularly apt for attracting interest because it’s visual. You can tell a story more effectively in fashion if you use an image or video better than text, and with 600 million monthly active users, it makes sense to include it on your list. However, Instagram is not too forthcoming about its ad rates, so you will need to get a bit creative when using it in your marketing strategy.

• Twitter – There are about 317 million active users monthly sending 500 million tweets daily, which is not bad at all, although you need to know that its demographics can affect its effectiveness for fashion site campaigns. It does offer quite a few options for advertisers and allows you to set your own budget, so you can start with as little as $5 a day.

• Pinterest – Most people don’t know that you can advertise on Pinterest through promoted pins. However, these are auction-based, meaning that the more you pay, the more prominent the pin. In a very real way, you are bidding for the best spots on a board, which usually means bigger and more prominent pins. Not only that, you have to follow some stringent rules for your pin.

• Snapchat – According to its site, Snapchat has 150 million users a month sharing 10 billion videos a day. They offer a slew of ad options, and they are very effective, but most are priced way beyond the budget of most small ecommerce or blog site owner. However, you can start with Snap Ads or Local Geofilters, which are on the low end of the ad cost totem pole at as little as $5 per campaign. You can also try these tips for using Snapchat without paying a cent.

Making the most of paid ads
Let’s say you decided to go for paid social ads. Does that mean you stop engaging in other ways on social networks? Heck, no! You should actually make some noise as your paid ad is running to maximize its effectiveness. You can use:

• Hashtag campaigns – a very successful example is that used by Travelocity in 2013. Here is how they did it.

• Engaging social media communities – you cannot afford to let your social media pages to go stale. Here are some tips for keeping your profiles fresh as a daisy and enlarge your fanbase.

• Partnering with influencers – it would be awesome if you could get participation from some influencers on the platform on which you have an ad campaign. It can have an exponential effect on your engagement. You can do that in several ways without being considered a pest.

Whether you are seeking more exposure for your fashion blog, or embarking on ecommerce, these tips on advertising for online fashion sites will work for you. You don’t need a bucket load of money to do it either. Use social media and their ad options to your best advantage, and you might just achieve something amazing!

This article was contributed by guest author Sheila Frye.

Image by Dai KE, unsplash.com

Image by Dai KE, unsplash.com

We live in an era where money is almost everything. Even if you are a student, it’s impossible to lead a happy life without vitamin ‘M’. You will need money to pay for your college fees, exam fees and coaching class expenses. That’s exactly the reason why an increasing number of students are launching their own blogs.

Five years ago, blogging was just a way to express one’s thoughts, share opinions on a particular subject, and connect with like-minded people. But now, we have entered an era where blogging has crossed over the path of just connecting and has become a money-making medium. People are raking in millions of dollars running their own blogs.

Now, online businesses are looking at blogs as a cost-effective medium to promote their services and get more customers. A survey conducted by the New York Times in 2015 revealed that female bloggers were getting a lot of attention and ultimately making more money by blogging. It’s not hard for a college student with decent photography and writing skills to gain celebrity status by running their own fashion blog. If you’re not a great photographer, here are some tips to improve your skills.

If you have a newly launched fashion blog or wish to start one, here are some helpful tips to make money by blogging in your free time:

1. Affiliate links

Using affiliate links is one of the surest ways to convert your blog traffic into money. Check out sites like ShopStyle and RewardStyle that use affiliate links smartly and generate tons of money from sales. Once your site starts generating enough traffic (at least a couple of thousand visitors on a daily basis) get in touch with product owners and ask them if they are interested in providing an affiliate link for your blog. Some product owners will pay you per clicks and some will pay out a commission of 15% to 20% for every successful sale completed through your blog – so make sure to check with them to see which is more profitable for you.

2. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is what you get paid for through your blog, YouTube videos, and even social media collaborations (on Facebook and Instagram). This is not just restricted to your blog, so if you are active on other social platforms, then chances are you might end up making a good amount of money through sponsored content.

The latest trend in promoting sponsored content of a third party on a blog involves using hashtags and terms like “in collaboration with (so and so)” to make visitors aware of the brand that is sponsoring the content.

3. Collaborations

Another great way to make money from your blog is to collaborate with like-minded bloggers in your niche. If you are managing your fashion blog, find the top bloggers in the industry (preferably in your country so that you have a better chance of getting their ‘nod’) and ask if they would be interested in collaborating with you. Then you can share your collections on their blog and they can put some of their best collections on your blog. It’s a two-way street where both you and your partner will benefit.

4. Marketing campaigns

This is different from the methods we have discussed above. In the case of marketing campaigns, a company will publish your blog articles on their site, and their marketing team will promote the content on multiple platforms. At the same time, you will also be allowed to publish your content on your blogging platform. A classic example of this technique is the Face Forward campaign run by Clinique.

5. Classes

If you’ve blogged regularly on various fashion styles and themes, chances are that you have gained good knowledge and understanding of the industry. A lot of college students and aspiring fashion models might be interested in attending classes to learn important lessons from a beginner’s perspective. Take advantage of the opportunity by conducting paid seminars and one-on-one sessions in your area. Participate in workshops and meetings related to fashion and photography and use the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience. This will increase your popularity drastically and if you’re impressive, you could get requests to handle classes on someone else’s behalf as well.

6. Photography and other services

Are you a fashion blogger who can also take some great shots? A lot of fashion bloggers have gained a massive following on Instagram by just posting selfies. If you have photography skills, take advantage of it and keep posting some great shots on your blog and Instagram account. If you get noticed by any of the big brands in your area, you could be hired as a part-time photographer and editor.

This article was contributed by guest author Evelyn Kail.

Image by tookapic, pixabay.com

Image by tookapic, pixabay.com

Worn out soles, broken or wobbly heels and faded color are just a few of the common signs that your favorite pair of kicks is about to say goodbye. Most people tend to throw away their old shoes once they notice any of these damages, but if you find it hard to let go, there is a convenient way to bring them back to life. Here are some reasons why your shoe deserves a second chance through the help of shoe renewal.

Less Cost

Buying a new pair of shoes is obviously way more expensive than shoe renewal. If you only see minor damage on your shoes, bringing them to a shoe repair shop is worth a try before throwing them away in exchange for a new pair.

Shoe renewal is an art that utilizes creativity and excellent workmanship. Nushoes Inc., a repair shop in San Diego, CA, furthers, “renewal is the process of rebuilding a shoe with materials that are as good if not better than the original materials”. Many shoe repair shops offer high quality materials that can make your shoes appear good as new and become more durable in order to avoid encountering the same kind of damage that can waste your time, effort and money.

For Better Fit and More Comfort

Buying a new pair of shoes has both a good and bad side. When buying new shoes, you are likely to suffer from blisters and sore ankles the first couple of times you wear them. Shoes adapt to your feet over time, so the longer the shoes have stayed with you, the more comfortable they can get.

To keep your feet healthy and pain-free, it’s better to keep a pair of shoes that can grow old with you than constantly buy different shoe brands that won’t give you assurance when it comes to comfort and quality.

Quality Workmanship

Not all shoe brands can give you the same level of workmanship as shoe repair professionals. Shoe recraft and renewal is not an easy task when compared to assembling a new pair of shoes. Shoe renewal requires more talent, skills and patience because of the pressing demand of customers to save their shoes and fix the damage without compromising the original look.

Shoe repair professionals take full responsibility in preserving the life of worn out and damaged shoes using the best of their talent and skills.

Environmentally Friendly

Aside from customer benefits, shoe renewal is also beneficial to the environment as it reduces waste compared to throwing away shoes which can be difficult to decompose. With the drastic effect of climate change that is felt on every part of the world, any effort that is done to reduce waste and energy consumption is a step closer to reducing the impact it can cause to mankind.

Instant Shoe Upgrade

Another benefit of shoe refurbishment is your wider choice of style and appearance. You can ask a repair shop to change the color of your shoes to match your clothing and accessories, or to remove worn out heels and turn them into fabulous flats that you can wear anytime of the day.

Reinventing and upgrading your shoes is not a tiresome task for shoe repair professionals because this is the job they are best at. What’s even better to hear is they can do it for you at a more affordable cost compared to buying new shoes.

With these great benefits, there is always a way to make your shoes better looking without buying new ones. So, the next time you see old or worn out shoes in your closet, combine your creativity and practicality to find a new and exciting way to perk them up!

This article was contributed by guest author Daryl Stewart.

Image by Jeff Clark, Flickr

Image by Jeff Clark, Flickr

“Those are hideous.”
“Why are you wearing those?”
“Those aren’t fashionable.”

UGGs have received every put-down imaginable. Despite that, you still see them everywhere, and no one can object to the fact that they are quite warm. It seems women are lacking options for winter footwear with sweatpants. Nonbrand UGGs also tend to be sold at affordable prices. So these raise the question: are UGGs worth wearing? I certainly think they’re a valuable purchase. Here’s why:

  • They’re comfortable. There’s no denying UGGs are cozy. Original UGGs are made of sheepskin, which cushions the foot and provides warmth. The fleece foot bed molds to the shape of your foot and keeps moisture away.
  • They’re long lasting. The boot must be properly cared for first. Clean them with water and UGG Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner, and prevent your UGGs from staining by using UGG Sheepskin Protector.
  • They have health benefits. When sheepskin is worn against the body, it stimulates blood circulation. It allows the body to relax and promotes regeneration of cells.
  • They can be worn as slippers. Not only can UGGs be worn outside, they can also be worn inside. Keep an extra pair of UGGs for use as slippers around the house – they are comfortable and warm, and suit this purpose perfectly.
  • They’re cute. You can look like a snow bunny! How can you resist these furry suede boots?

The verdict: UGGs are a beneficial investment that lasts for years. They’re cute and comfortable, and can be worn on dress down days or in the house. UGGs should be a staple in every girl’s closet.

Find out more about UGGs at www.uggaustralia.com.

Image by Tim, Flickr

Image by Tim, Flickr

The hipster glasses need to be confronted in the workplace – stylish or unprofessional? Boxy black or turtle-shell frames certainly do not help young professionals blend into the traditional workplace, yet they continue to wear them.

The number of post-grad professionals wearing massive hipster glasses are few. Conforming to the dress quo will show that you take your job seriously; just like wearing a suit does. If the frames are bigger than your pinky up and down, vertically and horizontally, they are too big – unprofessional (by the way, none of this applies if you are working at a fashionable startup company with bean bags for chairs, or an organic design firm constituted only of 20-somethings; you get my drift). This is the “pinky” rule. Also, fake glasses are absolutely unprofessional. Save your fake frames for after work, or your Urkel Halloween costume.

This speculation on spectacles concludes that real glasses in the workplace are stylish, as long as they are not huge or fake (they should be on your face for a reason, for correcting sight, not as lens-less fashion statements). For students working in a stiff summer office job, hoping for a permanent position at the end of the summer, find some stylish glasses that don’t look like magnifying glasses without the handles. When considering whether to offer you a position at the end of your internship, your boss will take your entire profile into account, including your dress and attitude. Follow the pinky rule, make sure there are lenses in your frames, and keep professionalism in sight.

Image by  Thaís Santos, Flickr

Image by Thaís Santos, Flickr

Summer is here, and your polar vortex pumps just won’t do. Your tolerance for winter is worn out, and so are your winter shoes. They are probably tired, and crusted with salt, and crying out to be retired – time for a change. Consider humouring pop star and cultural fashion icon Taylor Swift, and buying a pair of oxford heels. Swift recently told People magazine,

I really like an oxford high heel for kind of looking more like either a student or like you’re going to work. I don’t know, there’s something (that gives me some normality). That’s what I kind of like to channel when I’m wearing them.

Swift is right, oxford heels are the perfect shoe for female students. Oxford heels are stylish, closed leather heels that snugly strap onto the foot either with a delicate buckle or ladylike laces. Oxford heels are appropriate for the classroom, stylish studying with friends, or an upscale restaurant.

However, contrary to Swift’s studious image of oxford heels, I have not witnessed many female university students wearing them. The most popular shoewear for students seems to be ballet flats, or through the colder months, leather boots.

The top front of the oxford heel, the part of a woman’s shoe usually left open, extends up to the ankle or has a strap across it, allowing the oxford heel to lace or buckle firmly onto your foot. This makes it easier to run to your 8:00 A.M. class when you sleep late. Oxford heels are easier to run in than even flats, as flats are prone to slip off or slap onto the pavement with each step, because of their open tops. The faux leather variety oxford heel also proves to be fairly weather-proof than other suede, or genuine leather dress shoes. If you are like me and have trouble balancing on heels, try oxford flats: a cute, shorter alternative to their heeled counterpart. Oxford flats are similar to men’s dress shoes, but are sleeker and more feminine.

Oxford heels are this summer’s fashion-forward footwear. Like Taylor, grab a pair to match your studious style with an academic ambition.

Image by  vintspiration, Flickr

Image by vintspiration, Flickr


Image by ...love Maegan, Flickr

Image by …love Maegan, Flickr

If there’s one thing for sure in today’s world, it’s that we can never quite be sure what the weather is going to do next. Much of North America has taken a battering recently with wild storms and buckets of rain, and Canadians know only too well the difficulties that low temperatures can bring. And of course, this can present problems for the fashion-conscious.

Thankfully though, a few wise wardrobe choices will allow you to swing between the seasons perfectly. It may be dull and drab at the moment, but summer is most definitely on the horizon. When you know the weather is going to be this erratic, it is safe to keep your summer skirts and shorts on hold from the hibernation tank for the time being.
You can do this because just a slight turn of the fashion dial is all it takes to keep your summer look intact. For instance, if you enjoy donning the hot pants style, all you need to do is slide into a pair of black leggings or tights first before pulling on those shorts and you’re away, safe in the knowledge that if the weather dips suddenly you won’t be blighted with goosebumps.

The same applies to summer dresses. You can team your favourite dresses with some appropriately-toned leggings or tights without diminishing the effect of your dress one little bit. In fact, it can sometimes add to the overall look and give you a pop-chic appearance. Again, the addition of leggings/tights will give you a little protection during climate change, particularly when the sun does dip beyond the horizon and the temperature plummets drastically.

For added warmth, you can always turn to light cardigans and thin jackets to cover up, which again will not only make wearing summer dresses feasible, but will give you an extra style zip along the way.

Lastly, never underestimate the “preppy” look when seeking to prolong the life of your summer wardrobe. The long-sleeve layer under short-sleeve top is still a good look for the ladies, another little trick that is a sure-fire winner.

This article was contributed by guest author Mitch W.

Getting sick and tired of the bitter cold weather? Winter definitely has its downsides, but it is the perfect time to spice up your style and experiment with the latest fashion crazes. Here are some of this season’s trends that you can incorporate into your style for the next few months to help you beat the winter blues:

Faux fur scarves are the way to go this winter season. This type of scarf is a classic and adds elegance to any look, so opt to dress up a basic outfit by accessorizing with this piece. The best part is that no animals are harmed in the making of this chic accessory!
Wearing a long, oversized coat is the best way to achieve the best of both worlds. Stay warm while still looking fashionable by topping off your outfit with a coat that is on the longer side. A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have been spotted wearing this trend all winter long.
Statement necklaces are another great way to make a plain outfit more exciting. Necklaces with crystal jewels are beautiful during any season, but especially during the winter when everything is white and icy outside.
Having a bad hair day? Don’t fret. This season, girls are combatting those types of days by throwing on a beanie. Beanies add a grungy feel to any outfit, which is right on point with this winter’s street style trends. On top of that, some beanies have fun sayings written across the forehead area that you can use to express yourself and your personal style.
Mid length pencil skirts are what all the rave is about right now. This length of skirt is suitable for many different occasions since it screams sexy and sophisticated. You can rock this trend for a job interview or for a night out on the town.
During the winter months, we tend to gravitate towards darker toned garments. Try adding a pop of colour to your outfit by throwing on a neon accessory. This will brighten up your entire look and add some interest to an otherwise bland outfit.
A chunky knit sweater will never go out of style. It is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy while looking effortlessly cute. Tuck yours into an A-line skirt to achieve a polished look, or pair it with some leggings if you’re going for a more relaxed vibe.
Last but certainly not least, this winter season is seeing a ton of olive green coloured pieces. Wearing this shade is appropriate in the winter months because it is not too bright, but still allows you to branch away from the typical blacks, deep blues, and maroons.

Hopefully this has inspired you to make the best of the cold winter weather and have some fun trying out a few of this season’s hottest trends.

Happy styling!

Photo credit: Hidden Exposure and hengyan512@hotmail.com

A few of our fashion picks work in jackets, chic style, and this fall's maroon colour. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia

A few of our fashion picks work in jackets, chic style, and this fall’s maroon colour. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia

Fall is definitely one of the most beautiful times of the year. The ever so colourful leaves, brisk yet cozy weather, and the feeling of reinvention are all incredibly inspiring aspects of the season. Each of these elements can be reflected in some way through fall fashion. The colourful leaves inspire rich, jewel-toned pieces, while the weather encourages bulky sweaters, statement jackets, and trendy boots. Most importantly, with the start of school, fall is the perfect time to reinvent yourself – especially when it comes to your personal style.

Since universities and colleges are filled with thousands of students, it is very easy to merely blend in and just become a number. Utilizing fashion as a means of showcasing individuality and personality is a great way to set you apart and be remembered – in a good way, of course!

Here are some tips to get students through the fall season looking fabulous, but without breaking the bank:

  1. Don’t let the arrival of a new season make you feel as if you have to buy a completely new wardrobe.
  2. Transition staple pieces from season to season, and make them appear as if they are new by styling them in different ways.

  3. Shop the newest trends, but at reasonable prices.
  4. Trends come and go, and will not necessarily be carried into the next season or the next year. Indulge in the latest fashions, but look for these pieces at inexpensive stores such as H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. You can then pair these items with higher quality staples that are already in your closet.

  5. Share wardrobes with your friends!
  6. Take advantage of the fact that your friends have great style, and swap pieces with each other whenever you feel as if you have nothing to wear. This allows for you to be versatile and it can save you loads of money.

  7. Dress for success.
  8. Even when those lazy days strike, push through and rock a chic outfit. This will instantly boost your mood and help increase productivity. Looking good makes you feel good, and it is important to feel good at school so that you can be attentive and accomplish your goals. Just don’t forget to ensure that your outfits are school-appropriate.

  9. Be yourself.
  10. Fashion is an art, and what you wear should express the type of person you are. Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Confidence is the best accessory – even if you are wearing something that may not typically appeal to the masses, you will look great if you wear it with confidence.

Add a little denim or military inspiration to your outfit this fall. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia

Add a little denim or military inspiration to your outfit this fall. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia

With the beginning of a new season comes the introduction of new fashion trends. This fall, maroon-coloured pieces, chunky sweaters, leather accents, black and white combinations, military inspired outfits, denim on denim, statement jackets, and trendy boots are among some of the hottest crazes. Hopefully the images we’re showing you will provide some inspiration for this season.

Happy styling!

Model Emily Mais shows us how to add a key trendy item to spice up an everyday outfit. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia

Model Emily Mais works a trendy item into everyday outfits. Photo Credit: Francesca Della Savia