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You have so much to do. You probably don’t have time to get a regular 9 to 5 job with everything you’re currently juggling. At the same time, you’re probably sick of eating instant noodles and being stuck at home on the weekends. Why not make some extra cash in an unconventional way?

1. Contribute to the Things You Read

Most blogs and websites are always looking for guest contributors, and some of them even pay when they agree to publish your posts. If you already spend your mornings or late nights catching up on these blogs, you probably know their style inside and out. See if any of the sites you follow pay for submissions.

2. Jump Into the Sharing Economy

If you have a car, you can always sign up to drive for a ride sharing service. If you’re not too big on the idea of letting strangers into your car, you could try being a courier at Zoom2U and deliver the goods. If you have your own place and you live in an area that sees a lot of tourism, you can even rent out your extra rooms to travelers.

3. Join the Gig Economy

Can you write, code, program, build websites, or design graphics? People are always looking to pay other people to handle those tasks for them. If you have a skill that you can do with little more than a computer and an internet connection, you can always become a freelancer. You’ll get to set your own rates and hours, on top of being able to choose who you work with.

4. Buy and Sell Stuff

You probably know a lot of people who love things like vintage clothing. They’re often willing to spend an arm and a leg on sites like Etsy or eBay for great vintage pieces. Take a look at what people are buying and selling on those sites, and then hit up your local thrift stores. You’ll be able to find similar things for much cheaper, and then turn around to sell them at a profit.

5. Cash in On Your Hobby

Now is the time to try those things you’ve always wanted to do, but weren’t sure you’d be successful doing. Do you have a craft or a hobby you’re passionate about? Can you paint or sculpt or carve things out of wood? If you can, it doesn’t hurt to try to sell the things you were going to make anyway. If it doesn’t work out, you aren’t at a loss – you still got to do something you love doing.

6. Tutor Your Classmates

A lot of your peers would love some extra help. If you can provide it, provide it at a price. When you’re great at a particular subject, others who aren’t doing as well might appreciate your expertise on the subject. Charge your peers a modest rate for an hour or two of your help – they might even want ongoing assistance, and over time, things might become highly profitable.

7. Love Every Dog

You probably don’t have the time or money to get your own dog as a student. A lot of other people with dogs who might not be able to get home and walk them in the afternoon might be willing to pay you to do so on their behalf. If you’re a dog person, you’ll find yourself in heaven as a dog walker.

If you like doing any of these things, you might even be able to turn them into full time jobs. They could potentially carry you through a gap year if you choose to take one. If they don’t work out the way you’d planned, you can drop them just as quickly as you picked them up.

This article was contributed by guest author Amy Berry.

Image by Dai KE, unsplash.com

Image by Dai KE, unsplash.com

We live in an era where money is almost everything. Even if you are a student, it’s impossible to lead a happy life without vitamin ‘M’. You will need money to pay for your college fees, exam fees and coaching class expenses. That’s exactly the reason why an increasing number of students are launching their own blogs.

Five years ago, blogging was just a way to express one’s thoughts, share opinions on a particular subject, and connect with like-minded people. But now, we have entered an era where blogging has crossed over the path of just connecting and has become a money-making medium. People are raking in millions of dollars running their own blogs.

Now, online businesses are looking at blogs as a cost-effective medium to promote their services and get more customers. A survey conducted by the New York Times in 2015 revealed that female bloggers were getting a lot of attention and ultimately making more money by blogging. It’s not hard for a college student with decent photography and writing skills to gain celebrity status by running their own fashion blog. If you’re not a great photographer, here are some tips to improve your skills.

If you have a newly launched fashion blog or wish to start one, here are some helpful tips to make money by blogging in your free time:

1. Affiliate links

Using affiliate links is one of the surest ways to convert your blog traffic into money. Check out sites like ShopStyle and RewardStyle that use affiliate links smartly and generate tons of money from sales. Once your site starts generating enough traffic (at least a couple of thousand visitors on a daily basis) get in touch with product owners and ask them if they are interested in providing an affiliate link for your blog. Some product owners will pay you per clicks and some will pay out a commission of 15% to 20% for every successful sale completed through your blog – so make sure to check with them to see which is more profitable for you.

2. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is what you get paid for through your blog, YouTube videos, and even social media collaborations (on Facebook and Instagram). This is not just restricted to your blog, so if you are active on other social platforms, then chances are you might end up making a good amount of money through sponsored content.

The latest trend in promoting sponsored content of a third party on a blog involves using hashtags and terms like “in collaboration with (so and so)” to make visitors aware of the brand that is sponsoring the content.

3. Collaborations

Another great way to make money from your blog is to collaborate with like-minded bloggers in your niche. If you are managing your fashion blog, find the top bloggers in the industry (preferably in your country so that you have a better chance of getting their ‘nod’) and ask if they would be interested in collaborating with you. Then you can share your collections on their blog and they can put some of their best collections on your blog. It’s a two-way street where both you and your partner will benefit.

4. Marketing campaigns

This is different from the methods we have discussed above. In the case of marketing campaigns, a company will publish your blog articles on their site, and their marketing team will promote the content on multiple platforms. At the same time, you will also be allowed to publish your content on your blogging platform. A classic example of this technique is the Face Forward campaign run by Clinique.

5. Classes

If you’ve blogged regularly on various fashion styles and themes, chances are that you have gained good knowledge and understanding of the industry. A lot of college students and aspiring fashion models might be interested in attending classes to learn important lessons from a beginner’s perspective. Take advantage of the opportunity by conducting paid seminars and one-on-one sessions in your area. Participate in workshops and meetings related to fashion and photography and use the opportunity to introduce yourself to a new audience. This will increase your popularity drastically and if you’re impressive, you could get requests to handle classes on someone else’s behalf as well.

6. Photography and other services

Are you a fashion blogger who can also take some great shots? A lot of fashion bloggers have gained a massive following on Instagram by just posting selfies. If you have photography skills, take advantage of it and keep posting some great shots on your blog and Instagram account. If you get noticed by any of the big brands in your area, you could be hired as a part-time photographer and editor.

This article was contributed by guest author Evelyn Kail.


There’s no doubt that college is expensive. Many students graduate in tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Whether you want to avoid taking out more loans or just want a bit of extra spending money, it’s a smart idea to look for ways to earn money while you study. Not only can this help you get through a tough time, but it will set you up with the experience you need to get your first job after graduation.

On-Campus Jobs

When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat getting a job right on campus. From serving food to restocking books to taking notes for a professor, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of jobs. Unfortunately, the best ones go fast, so you should try to plan ahead if you want to get a good one. Talk to the hiring manager the day you get back to campus. Many schools offer a central place to find these types of jobs. If you’re not sure where to find this at your school, just ask.

Local Jobs

If the on-campus job isn’t cutting it, consider hitting the pavement in the local town. Retail stores, restaurants and other small businesses are often an ideal solution for college students because they don’t require employees to work full-time, and they often are willing to work around the student’s schedule. The best way to make this work is to try to arrange your school schedule so that you are always available at certain times. For example, it might be best to try to get all of your classes finished before noon so that you are always available to work at night.


Tutoring offers a great way of making money on the side. Look for students on campus or even at local elementary, middle and high schools. This can work particularly well if you have a specialized major like math, chemistry or English. These types of tutors are always in demand. However, you may also be able to get a job with a company that specializes in tutoring for tests like the SAT and ACT. If you want this type of gig, you’ll need to have excellent scores yourself.

Selling Unwanted Belongings

Garage sales can still earn you plenty of cash, but there are far more ways for you to make a bit of cash from your unwanted items. You can sell your iPhone if it’s broken or outdated, or take your old clothes to a consignment shop that offers cash on the spot. Last year’s textbooks could still fetch a fair price if you sell them through Amazon or a site like Half.com. Some companies will also give you money for your old smartphone after you’ve upgraded. Basically, you just need to have a look around your room. If there’s something you’re not using, find a way to sell it.


If you have a special skill, freelancing may be a good way to bring in some extra money. Graphic designers can work for small businesses who need advertising materials, writers might blog for companies and programmers can design apps. Sites like Freelancer.com or Upwork are a good place to start. It can take some time to build up your reputation on these sites, but once you do, it could become a steady source of income even after you graduate.

Resourceful students are always on the lookout for ways that they can bring in a bit of cash. By taking a good look at your talents and time constraints, you can find some ways to build up your income. Think outside the box and you may find yourself earning even more.

This article was contributed by guest author Emma Sturgis.