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Image by  Thaís Santos, Flickr

Image by Thaís Santos, Flickr

Summer is here, and your polar vortex pumps just won’t do. Your tolerance for winter is worn out, and so are your winter shoes. They are probably tired, and crusted with salt, and crying out to be retired – time for a change. Consider humouring pop star and cultural fashion icon Taylor Swift, and buying a pair of oxford heels. Swift recently told People magazine,

I really like an oxford high heel for kind of looking more like either a student or like you’re going to work. I don’t know, there’s something (that gives me some normality). That’s what I kind of like to channel when I’m wearing them.

Swift is right, oxford heels are the perfect shoe for female students. Oxford heels are stylish, closed leather heels that snugly strap onto the foot either with a delicate buckle or ladylike laces. Oxford heels are appropriate for the classroom, stylish studying with friends, or an upscale restaurant.

However, contrary to Swift’s studious image of oxford heels, I have not witnessed many female university students wearing them. The most popular shoewear for students seems to be ballet flats, or through the colder months, leather boots.

The top front of the oxford heel, the part of a woman’s shoe usually left open, extends up to the ankle or has a strap across it, allowing the oxford heel to lace or buckle firmly onto your foot. This makes it easier to run to your 8:00 A.M. class when you sleep late. Oxford heels are easier to run in than even flats, as flats are prone to slip off or slap onto the pavement with each step, because of their open tops. The faux leather variety oxford heel also proves to be fairly weather-proof than other suede, or genuine leather dress shoes. If you are like me and have trouble balancing on heels, try oxford flats: a cute, shorter alternative to their heeled counterpart. Oxford flats are similar to men’s dress shoes, but are sleeker and more feminine.

Oxford heels are this summer’s fashion-forward footwear. Like Taylor, grab a pair to match your studious style with an academic ambition.

Image by  vintspiration, Flickr

Image by vintspiration, Flickr