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Microsoft’s release of Windows 10 gives customers a new look into how future operating systems might function in the future. For users coming from Windows 7 or 8, the changes will be very apparent at first. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be looking at the changes since version 8.1.

As expected, installing Windows 10 was a bit of a lengthy process – it took about an hour to install a 3GB size download. Downloading the operating system itself and switching over to it caused a few hiccups (involved re-installing drivers for my GPU). Other PC users encountered similar issues after installing the OS where GPU drivers were forced to be upgraded or had to be re-installed. Such a process isn’t too lengthy and for many users did not occur, so there’s no need to expect the worse when downloading.

Once Windows 10 is loaded and installed, the first thing you will notice is the darker theme that Microsoft has chosen to go with. While it is only the default theme and can be changed, previous defaults on Windows 7 and 8 were of a much lighter shade. Applications in the taskbar and desktop have not changed, but volume and and wifi icons have. In addition, the action centre icon has a new appearance and will open up a sidebar with a list of notifications when clicked on. The default changes that Microsoft has made should not confuse a user of older OS’s; in fact, it’s a nice visual change.

Microsoft has brought back the start menu that many people enjoyed in Windows 7, but in a new form. When clicked on, the start menu opens up a “drop up” menu with app icons, file explorer, setting and power options. Windows 8.1 users will surely enjoy this new take on the start menu rather than being taken to an entirely new page filled with default Microsoft apps. The hot corners/sidebars that Windows 8 had are also gone which will benefit many of the touchpad or laptop users who may have been annoyed by the feature.

Using many of the Windows 10 features such as the new browser “Edge” proved that Microsoft has dabbled in new areas while attempting to optimize the user experience. Both the browser and the Microsoft store are easy to navigate, with the Edge feeling a bit basic as a brower. The lack of customizability with Edge is a bit of a nuisance, but the integrations of Outlook and Google Calendar work so well that you might forget about it. Certainly for Google Calendar, a new addition, the app works very well and is incredibly easy to navigate. Other key apps that stand out include the new Word, Excel and Powerpoint mobile which can be used on tablets with ease, and also on a Windows 10 PC.

Though Windows 10 has a tendency to be buggy within the first couple of months, it should be not be overlooked as a new operating system. While you may encounter bugs post-installation or during use, the many new additions and features on Windows 10 are sure to impress users. As a user who has upgraded from Windows 8.1, I would definitely recommend upgrading to Windows 10 or upgrading once the first service pack has come out.


  • New start menu
  • No hot corners
  • Cortana (For American users)
  • Google Calendar App
  • Mobile Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • New look
  • Microsoft Apps improved all around


  • Buggy (Can be a big issue for some)

Click here to download Windows 10.

Image by Sean MacEntee, Flickr

Image by Sean MacEntee, Flickr

Choosing a laptop to use for school may not be the easy decision you think it is. There are many options, but when it comes down to it, you’ll be looking at two versions: a Mac or a PC. My goal is to show you the pros and cons of both to help you make your decision. Remember that even though Mac and PC computers run on different operating systems, they are made up of the same parts, and in most cases, either one will be able to satisfy your education requirements.

The Advantages

The Mac The PC
Battery life
Generally superior and long-lasting

Comes with installed, easy-to-use software for movie and music editing

Operating System
Easy-to-use, configurable operating system

More secure infrastructure when surfing the web

Arguably sleek models

Gigantic marketplace for all kinds of software

Customize it to fit your style with the flexible Windows system

Entertainment station
Double as an entertainment station (watch movies, play games) as well as a work station

Competition between PC manufacturers means more reasonable prices

The Disadvantages

The Mac
The PC
Least expensive laptop (11-inch MacBook Air) starts at $999

Incompatible with many third party programs, although this is slowly changing

Cannot be customized outside of what the operating system allows

More difficult to learn to use, although slowly changing with the advent of Windows 8.1

Battery life
Varies computer to computer, from frustratingly low to comfortably high

Some hardware is prone to overheating because of how they are built and the various manufacturers

Viruses, malware, adware
Ensure safe web surfing with a good anti-virus program

The facts are laid out. Still unsure? Your choice can be made easier by looking at what you need, while making sure you’re getting the things you want.

  • Prioritize your needs
  • If you’re in a media program, you may need to edit movies or music. A Mac might be a better choice for you, since the Operating System comes packaged with professional, easy-to-use software.

  • Be wary of price
  • If you’re going to be using your computer for mainly word processing and web surfing, your best bet would be to go with a PC notebook. Models start as low as $400, and they can give you all the tools necessary to complete your schoolwork.

  • Take into account all uses of the computer
  • Will you be using your computer outside of school-related activities? If you plan to also use it for entertainment at home, look for a computer with higher specifications that meets your needs.

In the end, the choice resides with you and your preference. Both Mac and PC computers have advantages and disadvantages. Study the charts above, list out your priorities, see what’s on sale, and go into a couple of stores to test them out. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one to fit your needs – and you’ll enjoy the hunt!

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