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Is your phone cable holding you hostage? Feel like you can’t go anywhere without towing three chargers in your bag?

Wireless charging is the latest advancement in technology (even though it’s been around for decades). Now that companies have figured out how to use it for our many devices (even for our cars), we can expect to see a lot more of it. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X both have wireless charging capabilities – but what does that mean? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


Less wear on your cables – and your devices

Using a wireless charging pad means you don’t actually need to plug your devices in anymore. No more dragging around cables or risking electrical shorts on your devices from constant plugging and unplugging. Your cables – and your devices – shouldn’t wear out as quickly.

Multiple device charging and integration

Now you can throw all your devices on one charging pad! No need to find multiple outlets, or carry around different cables and charging devices for your smartphone, smartwatch, and rechargeable batteries. Provided your device has wireless charging capabilities, it should work with any charging pad.


It’s always risky to plug into unknown cables. Dropping your phone on a wireless charging pad should remove this security risk.


Inefficiency means energy is wasted and it takes longer to charge

Wireless charging isn’t the most energy efficient technology. Up to 20% of the power needed to charge your phone is wasted. It seemsĀ that this issue goes away with the wireless charging of larger devices like cars. Many people use a charging pad if they want to charge their device overnight, and use a wall charger if they need a quick boost.


Wireless charging pads aren’t yet mainstream, which means they’ll cost you more than regular cables. Depending on the brand and features, pads could cost anywhere from $20 to $120 CAD.

Can’t move your phone

Probably the biggest con is the inability to move your phone while it charges. With cables, you could pick up your phone and move it as far as the cord would allow, and it would barely impede your ability to scroll and text. However, with a charging pad, your phone needs to stay flat, making it harder to type.