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Image by PALNI Libraries, Flickr

Image by PALNI Libraries, Flickr

It makes sense to choose a degree that makes you employable, repays your school debts, gets a good salary, and also has unlimited chances for securing a job. Keeping this in mind, it’s good to note that every company will need a PR representative. Getting a degree in public relations enables you to construct public images, respond to public inquiries, influence the public, develop product information, and has the following benefits:

Many Job Options

PR graduates can find employment in many sectors, such as media, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. With a degree in public relations, you can work as a media planner, press secretary, public relations specialist, lobbyist, marketing assistant, speech writer, or event coordinator. Graduates with a master’s degree in public relations may fill managerial positions including public relations managers, marketing managers, or marketing communications directors.

Promising Job Outlook

The job opportunities for PR graduates will grow by 6 percent annually until 2024, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS estimates that job opportunities for fundraising managers and public relations managers will grow by 7 percent. Graduates with a master’s degree in PR may also continue to have an advantage in the job market.

An Exciting Career Path

PR professionals have an exciting daily schedule interacting with clients, analyzing target events, communicating, writing, or managing public opinion. Each day is different, and you can expect not to be bored or stuck in a routine as a PR professional.

Career Flexibility

PR professionals can choose not to stick to one job and may switch careers easily. PR graduates can find work in industries such as healthcare, sales, education, television, radio, social media, or even become a freelance PR consultant.

Become a Communication Expert

Whether you are doctor, lawyer, business person or politician, an MA in public relations improves your research, verbal communication, and presentation skills. Lawyers can particularly gain useful techniques that can help to defend court claims orally.

Perfect communication is helpful in all forms of business and human relations. After completing a degree at the undergraduate level, you can expand your knowledge and skills in a year-long MA Public Relations course. Getting a degree in public relations can help you to write and speak more effectively to different audiences.

This article was contributed by guest author Anita Ginsburg.