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Image from pixabay.com

Image from pixabay.com

It was impossible. I had a huge assignment due in a few days, and there was no way I could have it done by then. The assignment involved a massive workload, which would take me a lot of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that time. To save my grade, I decided to skip class to work on my assignment.

Skipping class meant missing out on a lot of knowledge I’d need for future tests; it’s amazing how much content can be covered in a 3-hour lecture. It also meant I was less informed about homework and assignments that were due. To stay up-to-date with class, I asked friends to send me their notes and to figure out what assignments and tests were upcoming. If I did not have a friend in a class, I was forced to ask a stranger when I got back.

Knowing I was on a short deadline, I made sure to manage my time wisely. I put away my phone, knowing that calls and texts would distract me. I listened to music, as it allowed me to focus better. I made sure to take breaks only when I needed them, as they could be time-consuming. When I did take breaks, I kept them to five minutes and watched YouTube videos, which were the perfect length for a short break.

I drank caffeine to stay awake and focused. Skipping class was exciting, even if it was to study. I got to miss class and be very productive in a limited time. However, I had to rely on someone else’s notes to be accurate, I couldn’t ask my professor questions on new material, and I was pressed for time. But I felt I had no choice. I normally got As on the assignments I skipped class to complete and I was relieved to have them done on time. If I had gone to class, I probably wouldn’t have finished them at all; but there was a significant tradeoff in the lessons I missed.

I do not recommend skipping class to study or finish assignments. Being on a tight deadline, I was very anxious, constantly looking at the clock with my stomach in knots. The stress of finding someone who would give me notes from the lecture I missed was not an easy task either; even once I had them, I couldn’t guarantee they would capture all the important information. I risked missing pop quizzes, and felt the effect through deductions in my attendance and participation marks. Skipping class to study saved my grade a few times, but be sure to weigh the pros and cons before you do it yourself. Attempt to manage your time instead throughout the semester to avoid last minute assignments.