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Image by Filipp Kozachuk, pexels.com

Image by Filipp Kozachuk, pexels.com

Self-study is just as important as the process of gaining knowledge and building concepts. It is very important that a certain input of knowledge is reinforced positively and the environment is conducive to promote retention of knowledge. Hard work needs to be strengthened by smart work which includes boosting your productivity by having the right setting to set your study mode on. The environment you work in will determine how successful your learning efforts will be, and how much will actually sink in. Controlling your study environment can help you identify where you’re lacking so you can fill in the loopholes deterring you from achieving maximum efficiency in your academic life.

Say ‘NO’ to mobile phones and technology!
What if I tell you to switch off the WiFi when studying? Sounds impossible, right? The pre-conceived notion we have regarding the crucial importance of internet proves to be quite a big distraction sometimes. Manage your screen time so you’re not led away by incessant notifications flooding your smartphone. Social media can be addictive and you need to forcibly withdraw yourself from this habit of being hooked onto hours and hours of Facebook scrolling, live streaming videos or texting. Before you realize, your precious time is lost.

Have a separate study room/corner to yourself
You can’t expect yourself to be able to concentrate in the middle of the living room with people around and your roommate watching their favorite show. Get some privacy to give your 100% to the subject matter at hand so you’re not distracted by background noises and annoying giggles from the next room. Even a designated study corner to cater to your study needs can help you focus. College life often makes this possible by having quiet study rooms and a library full of the most helpful resources.

Music is therapy
No one can deny the effects of music on your mood and the way it facilitates your thought processes. Music is a great way to rev up your spirits and put you in the mood to get you started. Some personalities may prefer silence but some others feel energized by the beat of the music and the rhythm it puts them in. Often people can better concentrate on their studies with earphones plugged in their ears, shutting them off from the rowdy outside world.

Keep yourself organized
You will be surprised at the psychological effect that a cluttered workspace or even a crowded desktop can have. Keeping your mind as well as your surrounding organized is a surefire way to enhance productivity. Your mind is programmed to work best when there are minimal visual distractions. Paperwork spread all over the place or important documents in a haphazard order can wreak havoc in your study area. Instead, keep track of your things in proper folders, and track expenses on excel sheets.

This article was contributed by guest author Rachael Everly.