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The gaming world has changed considerably with the introduction of virtual reality. The idea that you can move around and see yourself in another world is nothing short of fantasy. Oculus has stepped up its game by introducing Oculus Touch – handheld devices that can accurately mirror your movements in the virtual space.

The controllers are made to work with the existing Rift, and unfortunately, people are suffering a bit of sticker shock from the rumored US pricing (sigh). It’s an expensive pasttime, but users will be able to interact with Rift in a way they never have before with existing controllers (like the Xbox One it shipped with). Oculus has also claimed they’ll be launching many games and apps post-launch to expand on the experience.

So, is it worth it? The controllers are surprisingly very accurate – they’re covered with LED sensors that can tell where your hands and fingers are positioned. They have a number of buttons and a trigger on each so you can perform different actions, and we can only describe the feeling as “natural” – which is saying a lot for the virtual world. You grab the controller the way you’d grab an object in real life, and your virtual self follows suit. Wicked!

The Details:

  • Price: No official word yet, but looks to be around $200 USD
  • Launch date: Not official, but rumors say November 21
  • Sensors: infrared LED
  • Wireless controllers, mirror images of each other