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We came across something on the Globe and Mail’s website that we just had to share with you. Within a section called “Canadian University Report” sit a number of articles on what you might want to know about university. Here are a few we think you should check out:

University profiles to help you choose
61 Canadian universities are reviewed in this article. For each university, it outlines how many students attend, the cost of tuition, the number of programs offered, and admission competition. A profile of your “typical classmate” is included, as well as a quote from a current student.

The pros and cons of different student jobs
This article identifies the pros and cons of off-campus jobs, on-campus jobs, and co-op programs. It explains that the transferable skills learned at work are valuable, no matter what your student job might be.

Students: How to make the money stretch for eight months
It’s difficult for first year students to predict how expensive the school year might be. This article forecasts costs and recommends resources students can refer to, so it’s a great read for first year students who aren’t sure what to expect.

Four tips to land a job straight out of school
The number one worry on every student’s mind is finding a job after school. This article identifies four ways you can increase your chances at landing employment. If you take these steps right from first year, you’ll be even better off.

Universities that teach you to change the world
“The” course to take at university these days is social entrepreneurship. This article identifies a few schools in Canada that have excellent social programs. If you want to change the world, take a look at these schools.

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