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We had the opportunity to test out WHOOSH! Screen Shine this week, and it really is impressive. Let’s back up a second and think about just how dirty our phones are. From food-covered fingerprints to oily faces, who knows how much bacteria is actually on there? And if you’re like me, the most cleaning you’ll do for your phone is a quick wipe with your shirt sleeve.

And then there’s WHOOSH! It wipes off bacteria, makes your screen shine, and, what I personally like the most, resists fingerprints. It’s guaranteed to be safe for all screens and is 100% non-toxic. WHOOSH pitched on Dragon’s Den (aired on March 4, 2015), and after seeing where they sprayed it (hint: it really shows how non-toxic the product is), I had to give it a try.

The use of it is similar to every other screen cleaner (even window or glass cleaners): spray the microfibre cloth and wipe. WHOOSH! has added in an extra step – use the other side of the cloth to polish your screen afterwards. I wasn’t quite sure which side to use for the spraying/wiping and which to use for the polishing, but it worked out just fine.

The Pocket and On-The-Go sizes are great to bring around with you to class, and I’d recommend keeping the 3.4 fl. oz. version (which you get as part of the Duo+ package) at home or in your dorm room. What I love about the Duo+ is the size combination – you really get the best of both worlds. This image shows you the size difference between the three as compared to an iPhone 4S.

From left to right: Pocket, On-The-Go, and Duo+ 3.4 fl. oz. WHOOSH! bottles

From left to right: Pocket, On-The-Go, and Duo+ 3.4 fl. oz. WHOOSH! bottles

I tried it on my MacBook Air screen first. It took a couple of presses on the spray bottle (as with any new one) to get the liquid flowing, but I did get a generous spray on the cloth, and did with every time after this. There was no elbow grease required; it really just took a few wipes to remove the dirt and fingerprints from the screen.

What I was most curious about was the “resists fingerprints” part – so I’m literally sitting here stroking my post-WHOOSH! screen as if it were a cat. I’m purposefully poking it, and it’s true – I don’t see any fingerprints. Consider my curiosity piqued.

We pride ourselves on giving unbiased reviews, pros and cons included, but there are really no cons I can identify here (I’m trying, I swear!). Even the packaging is easy to open and is resealable.

Check out the WHOOSH! website for more information.

The Highlights

  • Three sizes: Pocket (0.3 fluid ounces); On-The-Go (1 fluid ounce); Duo+ (one 3.4 fluid ounce bottle and one 0.3 fluid ounce bottle)
  • MSRP: Pocket: $4.99; On-The-Go: $9.99; Duo+: $19.99
  • Cloth: 6”x6” anti-microbial screen cleaning microfibre
  • Ingredients: 100% non-toxic (ingredients have been reviewed by NSF International) and made with biodegradable surfactants (no harmful residues to worry about). Does not contain alcohol, acids, ammonia, chlorine, solvents, petroleum distillates, phosphates or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • ‘Safe for your Screen’ Guarantee: Should a screen get damaged using their product, they will repair the screen or replace the device at no cost

I’d recommend this product – in fact, I will be busy cleaning all the screens I have with it.

Interested in purchasing? Check out the size that’s right for you:

WHOOSH 31008MLSSR Screen Shine Pocket Screen Cleaning Kit

WHOOSH 31030MLSSR Screen Shine Go Screen Cleaning Kit

WHOOSH 31100BMLSSR Screen Shine Duo Cleaning Kit